Make V-Day extra special with these DIY gifts

Your crush is not your only Valentine's Day priority this year. What are you going to do for your besties and fam? With so many gifts to get and *so* little time (and money), DIY is the way to go to make sure you have a little something for everybody.

Take a look below to see our fave DIY gifts for this love season, and get inspired!

1. '52 Reasons I Love You' book

Why just tell someone you love them when you can show them? Make your love known with these adorbs notes. All you need is a deck of cards, markers and some ribbon! This DIY is just as sweet as it is simple.

2. Sharpie mugs

Put your art skills to work with these *perfectly* personalized mugs! Fortunately, this tutorial is simple enough that you won't need to be an artist. Try your hand at a heart, initials or a sweet message that your recipient will cherish long after Valentine's Day has passed. 

3. Heart-shaped bath bombs

Give someone special in your life the gift of self-care! Regardless of who you are making gifts for, use this V-Day recipe so your fave people can kick back and relax with these sweet, heart-shaped gifts.

4. String art

This will def be the most memorable thing that your bae, friends or fam will receive this year. Not only can they display this for *everyone* to love, but it can also be personal. You can string anything from a heart to a silhouette from one of your photos together; no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to be the sweetest!

5. Candy box valentines

If your valentine has a sweet tooth, we cannot imagine a better gift. Pick some of their fave sugary treats, a cute box design and a little bit of string to make these V-Day goodies. What better way to show love than with *this* tiny token of appreciation?

Who will you be making DIY gifts for this year? Tell us your adorbs plans for your valentine in the comments!

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by Logan Potter | 1/21/2020