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Is exercising outside in the summer safe? Find out


The heat can be unbearable in the summer sometimes but this just in: It shouldn't stop you from getting your exercise. You just have to know how to work out in a safe way so you don't put your bod at risk. Check out these tips to take care of yourself and *still* crush those PRs.

Listen to your body.
Heat exhaustion (aka your body overheating) is a bigger risk when you're exercising in the hot sun. It's important to know some warning signs and pay attention if anything isn't right. For example, if your skin feels cool when you’re out in the heat or you feel faint, dizzy or nauseous, then you need to stop exercising before it becomes something more serious like heatstroke which can be life-threatening.

Stay hydrated.
Water is *very* crucial when you’re exercising—especially in the heat. When you are working out in the summer, you end up sweating more than usual, so you have to make sure you are replacing that water that you’re losing or you'll quickly become dehydrated. If you are extremely thirsty and tired or confused, then you need to stop exercising and get water. Make sure you drink plenty before, during and after your workout. A sports drink post-sweat sesh is also great for balancing out your electrolyte levels.

Know your limits.
Most of the time, we are told to push ourselves when we are working out. Which is great but you also need to be aware of your body's limits. Don’t jump into working out a lot in the middle of summer out in the sun the entire time. Exercise inside or when it is cooler or start with a short run and gradually increase mileage so your bod gets used to the heat. It is important to know when to stop pushing and take it easy, so you don’t get hurt. 

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by Natalie Bland | 6/3/2018