Feel fab when you hit the halls

With only a month (or less!) left of summer break, it’s time to start thinking about school again. Grumble, grumble—we know. Make this your best year yet by getting into gear for classes now. Try out a few of these tricks to feel fab when you hit those halls this fall.

Get into a solid sleep routine
Now’s the perfect time for you to get your sleeping schedule on track. Try setting a specific time to get yourself in bed by each night, and a time you want to wake up by in the morning. Neither of these times has to be super early, but at the same time, it’s important to get your body back into your school-year routine.

Stock your diet full of fiber
Fiber is a nutrient that will keep you feeling full from one meal to the next. Adding more of it to your diet will help you eat less of those unhealthy snacks in between lunch and dinner. Most of the time, anything whole grain and wheat-y is going to be high in fiber. With that being said, don’t give yourself a fiber overload—nutritionists recommend taking in about 28 grams of fiber daily.

Cross off those summer assignments
If your school assigns summer reading lists or another type of assignment, get it finished. You don’t want to spend your last week of summer vacay cooped up inside doing all of the work that you put off for the entire summer—that’s a recipe for a stress fest. If you get it done ahead of time, you won’t have anything to worry about right before school starts.

Keep rocking your workout routine
We can’t stress how important it is to exercise at least three times a week. Don’t let the fact that you won’t be wearing your bikini anymore change how often you hit the gym. Exercise is a great way to remain stress-free and feeling great about yourself, which is totally ideal for starting a new semester.

Do a mental clean out
Spend some time writing out how you felt about last year. Did you get sucked into gossip? Proud of your awesome grades? Wished you’d made JV volleyball? Whatever it is, put it on paper…and then figure out what you can do this year to make your year amazing. Maybe you need a tutor for French or need to branch out from your normal buds. Whatever it is, remember you’ve got the power to make the year better…even if it’s just by switching up your attitude.

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by Katelyn Lester | 2/1/2016