7 easy ways to make your eyes pop

It’s time to get gorgeous. We’ve got seven (count ‘em!) ways to make your eyes totally pop (because let's face it, they deserve to make a statement, too). From flirty fake lashes to perfecting your eyeliner, we’re showin’ ya the secrets of how to play up your peepers. 
Bat those lashes
If you want gorgeous lashes that flutter (especially while you’re on a date with your crush), go for a dewy and simple style. For the lids: Line with brown liner. Use a shimmery taupe cream shadow all over the lid, and apply a highlighter shade under the brow bone. For the lashes: Curl lashes, then sweep on one coat of black mascara, being sure to focus the tip of the mascara brush on the outer corner of your lashes to thicken them out. Use the brush to smoothly coat lashes and watch out for clumps!
Smoke it out
The smoky eye will never die––whether suited as a winter warmer or to mystify those summer nights, smoky eyes remain one of the most gorgeous looks for any eye color.
For prom, pick a pretty palette of neutrals instead of blacks and greys, and focus on the two medium shades—a little less on the darkest shadow of the bunch. You wanna have a little edge, but not go too over the top. Begin with a brown liner on your top and bottom lids. Apply the highlighter under the brow and in the inner corners, and the lighter medium shade over the whole lid. Use the darkest shadow as a smudgey liner on the top lid. The second darkest medium shade goes in the crease. A coat or two of brown mascara, and you’re done. Easy!
Color pop
Don’t be afraid to fo bold. Add some unexpected shades (like purples and pinks) to your eyes for a fun, totally fresh look. No need to go overboard: Start with a black liner. Layer a pale pink shade over the entire lid and up to the brow bone. Then, just sweep on a dash of purple over the lid and in the outer corner of your eye in a V-shape, finish with mascara, and presto!
Snow White
Make your eyes seem wider and brighter with the addition of white shadow or liner. On your top lid, gently draw a thin line with black liquid liner, as close to your lash line as possible. Then, sweep a creamy, shimmery white shadow over your top lid, underneath your brow. Here’s the kicker—use an angled brush dipped in the white shadow to lightly line underneath your eyes, too. Add black mascara to your top lashes only. You’ll be the belle of the ball!

Fab falsies
Don’t want the spidery lash effect? Try individual falsies instead of a full set to help create some volume and sultriness. We find it easiest to apply each individual lash with tweezers. Let the glue sit for 10 seconds on the lash (so it gets tacky) before applying to your lid. Look down at your mirror rather than up—helps to lay a small mirror on a flat surface. Give it a go!
Cool cateye
With an angled brush, apply black gel or cream eyeliner to your upper lid, slightly winging it out at the outer corner. Then, draw over the line with a black pencil liner to smooth out the hard edge. Line the bottom lid with black pencil, too, and connect the line to the wing.
Bold brows
Major brows can frame your eyes like nothing else. To get a super bold look, try using a brow kit and copper shadow. Dust the copper shadow over your entire eye, stopping just short of the brow bone. Use the angled brush in your brow kit to combine the two powder shades and fill in your brows using short, quick strokes. A dab of wax keeps any unruliness at bay.
How do you make your peepers pop? Share in the comments below! 

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by GL | 2/1/2016