Beyond beauty sleep: 20 ways to wake up pretty every. single. day.

We’ve rounded up our best-ever tips on how to score some sweet beauty rest—and wake up looking refreshed, relaxed and oh-so pretty. (Yes, it’s possible!)
1. Shower! Showering before bed saves time in the morning but also soothes your body before you fall asleep—which means you’ll snag more precious zzz’s. 

2. Once a week, apply a hair mask (like these) before you hit the hay. In the a.m., your locks will be extra luscious.

3. Wake up with waves. With wet or dry hair, section hair into two parts and braid normally or French braid. Spritz on a texturizing spray for extra definition.

4. Run a drop of hair oil to your strands to give them extra shine and moisture. Brush through to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

5. Keep makeup remover wipes by your nightstand so you can wipe off makeup even if you’re too tired to go to the sink.

6. Use a facial brush to thoroughly clean your skin of dirt and grime—especially after a looong day.

7. Try a DIY facial massage to relax before bed. Use your index and middle fingers to rub gently in circular motions down the lines of your face (avoiding eyes). 

8. Use a facemask twice a week for your skin needs. Got dry skin? Try a moisturizing mask. Have oily skin? Go for an oil-free mask with acne treatment.

9. Wake up silky smooth by exfoliating and shaving your legs before bed. You’ll save shower time but there’s also nothing like slipping into clean sheets with perfectly smooth gams. Ahhh…

10. Keep a jar of coconut oil by your bed. At night, rub some all over your legs and arms for amazingly soft skin in the morning. 

11. Try rag curlers: Rip up an old t-shirt into 1”x5” pieces. Use the pieces to twist and wrap up hair and tie in place. Sleep in the rag curlers, then release in the morning for bouncy spirals. 

12. Apply an acne spot treatment at night on any problem areas—you’ll want the formula to work its magic overnight. Place a tiny piece of tissue over the area so it won’t rub off on your pillow.

13. If you've stayed up way too late, borrow Mom’s eye cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles—apply a tiny bit with your pinky around the eye are before bed. 

14. Want longer lashes overnight? Prior to hitting the pillow, plump lashes by swiping them with a cotton swab dipped in castor oil.

15. If you have way-wavy strands, apply a leave-in conditioner to fight frizz and give your hair intense hydration, helping you wake up with bouncier curls.

16. Apply petroleum jelly or a intensive hydrating lip balm for super soft lips—especially in dry weather.

17. Want pedicure-soft feet? Apply rich, moisturizing lotion on feet just before bed, then wear socks to sleep! 

18. Apply cuticle cream on your fingers to soften your nails for a fab overnight manicure.

19. Apply whitening strips or paste to your teeth before bed (just remove before you fall asleep!) so your pearly whites can really shine tomorrow.

20. Hit the sack 15 minutes before your normal bedtime, then try for another 15 minutes every other day this week. Getting a good night’s sleep not only makes you look better but makes you feel better, too!

What do you do to wake up pretty, GL girls? Let us know below!


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by Emmy Villiger | 2/3/2016