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book nook by @wanderlost.soul

Her Radiant Curse by Elizabeth Lim (Knopf BFYR, $20)
In this standalone prequel to Six Crimson Cranes, sisters Channi (who is monstrous after being cursed) and Vanna (a beauty) love each death. When the Demon Witch targets Vanna for marriage to a horrible man, Channi leaves isolation and risks her life to save her sister. This Chinese myth-inspired fantasy has magic, romance, dragons and tons of action.

book nook by @iammissmistake

Mexikid by Pedro Martín (Dial Books, $25)
It's 1977, and Pedro and his eight siblings live in California. When Pedro's parents and older siblings left Mexico, they also left his legendary crime-fighting abuelito behind. Now he needs their help. The whole family hops in a Winnebago to bring him to live in their crowded home. Touching, witty and true, this graphic memoir gives you the warm fuzzies about family. 

book nook by @pretty_little_library

House of Marionne by J. Elle (Razorbill, $20)
Quell and her mother possess dark magic. Hunted by contract killers, they've been fleeing her whole life. Quell lands at her grandmother's eerie mansion, where she studies with magical debutantes called The Order. At the school, she must pass three rites of membership–even as her family keeps secrets and her mentor may be against her.

book nook by @miss_bohemia

The Collectors: Stories edited by A.S. King (Dutton BFYR, $20)
What do you collect? Why? In this roundup of fictional tales based on the same story prompt, read about everything from fire to family secrets to skateboarding from fave authors like M.T. Anderson and Anna-Marie McLemore. Quick and fun, these characters will make you feel closer to yourself–and the people you love.

book nook by @theintrovertededition

Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood (G.P. Putnam's Sons BFYR, $14)
When Mal was 16, chess was life. Now she's 18 and a STEM genius–but she can't go to college because she has to work and take care of her family. Her BFF persuades her to do a charity tournament, and she goes up against the supposedly unbeatable Nolan Sawyer. Infuriating and intoxicating, Nolan gets Mal back in the game in this fun com-com. 

book nook by @bookish.bones

More Tales to Keep You Up at Night by Dan Poblocki (Penguin Workshop, $18)
Say you find a box of cassette tapes in New York. Then you find the tape player. Next, your brother tells you over a voicemail not to listen to any of it. When Gilbert can't help but listen, his brother winds up unconscious in the hospital. Things get spooky as the puzzle pieces start to fit together in these interwoven storylines.

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by GL | 9/20/2023