This beachy scavenger hunt is a guaranteed good time

We would spend all day, every day at the beach if we could, soaking up the sunshine and showing off our *cutest* swimsuits of course. Take your next trip to the shoreline to the next level with a beachy scavenger hunt with your family or friends! Pick your fave options that best match your vibe and let the contest begin. You'll make so many amazing memories and get to explore the sandy paradise. Don't forget your sunscreen!

1. Find 3 super unique shells (bonus points if you can find a sand dollar!) 

2. Have a sandcastle contest—don't forget the moat!

3. Make a beachy food combo (did someone say curly fries and fro-yo?) 

4. Draw a self portrait in the sand—snap a pic before the waves wash it away

5. Look for some ocean wildlife—but don't disturb any crabs!

6. Order a *delicious* tropical smoothie 

7. Search for a tropical flower

8. See who can spot a boat first—extra points if you wave to whoever's on the boat

9. Make an outfit out of a beach towel 

10. Look for someone with a rainbow beach ball

11. Need to refresh your layer of SPF? Before you rub it in, do a skin painting contest *just* with sunscreen. 

12. Try one of those TikTok bikini strap hacks

13. Look for shells that match all off your besties' personalities

14. Race across the beach by... cartwheeling!

15. Blast your beach playlist and have a dance-like-nobody's-watching party

16. Wrap your towels around your legs and take the cutest mermaid themed pics

17. Scope out all friendly dogs, and ask their owners if you can pet them

18. Try to find the most colorful pieces of sea glass

19. Write a letter in a bottle

20. Decorate your hairstyle with plants and flowers found on the beach!

Happy hunting!

Top image: @piperrockelle | Slider image by Vince Fleming on Unsplash


by Abigail Adams and Serena Sherwood | 5/26/2021