Easy homemade treats for your sweets!

The best part about Valentine's Day (besides showing your loved ones some love) is the sweets, of course! Tasting those milky-smooth chocolates is almost as satisfying as getting smiles from the people you made happy with your special gestures. This year, whether you're finally telling your crush you like them or want to show your besties how much you care, prove that you can be a Cupid in the kitchen! 

Homemade truffles 

While it's a totally awesome thing to go out and get a box of chocolates for the people you care about, imagine how much more fun you'd have if you made them! Gift a homemade variety pack by dipping your truffles in all types of toppings like sprinkles, crushed nuts or shredded coconut. 

Sugar cookies 

Maybe you want to show some appreciation to your neighbor who always says good morning or to that teacher who managed to make math fun. The beloved sugar cookie is the perfect subtle treat, and the option to choose your message is totally personal. 

Valentines Day Chex mix

Chocolates, cereal, sprinkles *and* heart candies?! Yes, please! Find the biggest bowl in your house for you and your besite and start throwing all the deliciousness together. Feel free to add whatever else your heart desires: popcorn, pretzels or more chocolate. 

Cupid's strawberry float

Let your inner chemist shine through by recreating this concoction. Mix a scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberry soda and watch the bubbles rise! Maybe this will help that special someone see the reaction that happens when you two get together. 

Brownie bites 

Want to send love to your entire squad? If we learned anything from Lara Jean it's that brownies are a go-to when you have a large crowd to please. Upgrade your generic recipe by adding in red and pink M&Ms or chocolate chips (or both) so your friends get a little surprise with every bite! 

What's your fave Valentine's Day treat? Let us know how you make it down below. 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 2/4/2020