10 super cute ways to spring-up your room

With the snow finally melting and the sun peeking out of the clouds, it's starting to feel like spring! The changing of seasons doesn't just effect your wardrobe, but your room decor too. Who wants to have snowflake art in your room when you see flowers blooming outside of your window?

Try these 10 ways to bring some spring into your room.

1. Flower Bulbs
Flowerium freezes their flowers and put them in a special liquid which allows the petals to stay vibrant for a long period of time. These bulbs are the perfect pieces to put on top of your desk to incorporate the beautiful flora indoors.

2. Cool Whip Easter Eggs
With spring comes Easter. Instead of getting a million regular plastic eggs that you know you will throw away, why don't you make some beautiful watercolor-inspired ones that you can leave in your room to add a pop of color! Quality over quantity.

3. Tree Branch Art
Have some leftover paint, but no canvas to paint on? Look to nature for your canvas—or more specifically—tree branches. All you need to do is go into your backyard, tie up some thin branches together and get to work by painting them whatever color you want! Wood decor is on-trend right now and you don't even have to break the bank to get this style.

4. Moon Phase Art Decor
One of the best parts abut spring is that the sky starts to clear up and you have a perfect view of the moon. Capture the moon in your room by creating moon phase decor and add lights around it to symbolize the stars swirling around it.

5. Watercolor Curtains
Watercolor is *the* trend this spring. What's one way to make a dull room stand out? Watercolor curtains. I repeat, WATERCOLOR CURTAINS. No matter your opinion on this trend, just know that no matter what you will get compliments on this from every guest that comes to visit you.

6. Pom Pom Rug
This is a fun DIY that is both super soft and adds a pop of color to your room! Depending on the color of poms you choose, this is a great way to tie together a room that doesn't have a distinct color theme. That way it can look like you planned on having all of those colors in your room purposely, *wink wink*.

7. Blooming Monogram
One of the most beautiful way to customize flowers is to have them monogrammed to your initials. This is sure to get you into the spring spirit. Plus, it's fashionable and classy. And, it's a clever way to incorporate plants into your room in a natural way.

8. Aztec Sand Center Pieces
Instead of using regular sand to hold down your cacti, spice it up by using Aztec sand. It's a spunky and easy way to add color to your room if you don't want to make *too* many changes. It looks like you put in a lot of effort when in reality you didn't. Win!

9. Floral Chandelier
If you want princess vibes this is the decor item for you. It's taking the flower trend and turning it upside down, literally. The best part about this? It's super chic dainty.

10. Floral Wall Sconces
If the floral chandelier was too much for you, feel free to spread out your floral decor! These floral wall sconces are a great way to incorporate some floral into your spring look. It gives you the power to tone it down depending on how many sconces you put onto your wall.

Which one of these decor items do you want to have in your room? Let us know in the comment section below!


by Andrea Ruano | 3/25/2018