Add a book nook to your bedroom with these easy breezy steps

Are you in need of a cozy place to read? Maybe your school library is too loud. Or maybe your room at home isn't cozy enough. Whatever the case may be, you deserve a nice, comfy place...for you and your books. This cozy, soft and oh-so-comfy reading nook below is sure to up your reading game. Transform this space into your own with these easy breezy steps.

1.  Make it comfy...
When making a reading nook, a chair is a good place to start. Make sure your chair is comfy, but pretty too. That way, you will come back to it time and time again. 

Ask yourself: What type of chair do I want? One that leans back, sits up or matches the length of my whole body? What color or texture would I like?

2.  Make it decorative...
One of the best ways, you can accessorize your nook is with some cute and fluffy pillows. When buying your pillows, make sure they match your style, but make sure they match your use for them as well. Are they meant to be comfy? Or are they just meant for decoration? 

Ask yourself: What type of pillows do I want? Throw pillows? Or comfy ones? What colors?

3. Make it lit...
Reading is so, so good for your brain. But reading in improper lighting can be bad for your eyes. When buying your lamp, make sure it will provide both good lighting and comfort. (Even if you are reading off an electronic, your light source is important).  

Ask yourself: What type of lighting do I want in my space? A desk lamp? Or a lamp that sits on the floor?

4. Make it organized...
Everyone organizes their books differently. Maybe you organize them by series, author, color or theme. Or maybe you do something completely different. While, there are many ways to organize your books, we suggest putting them on a bookcase near your nook. That way you can reach them easily. (Also a bookshelf can work as a divider too. Use yours to separate your nook from the rest of the room, by using your shelf as a wall).

Ask yourself: When organizing, what makes most sense for me? Color? Theme? Author? Series?

5. Make it work...
One way you can organize your space is with a magazine rack. Place it near your chair, or hang one off the wall. Either way, the idea is to look and feel organized. Make sure whatever you choose, your rack will work for the size of your area.

Ask yourself: How can I make my Girls' Life magazine collection easily within reach?

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy, PB Teen and Pinterest

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by Alyshia Hull | 4/18/2018