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Why matcha is the summer morning pick-me-up you need

Your alarm blares—and whether it's time for your sunrise jog, your early morning lifeguarding clock-in, your midday chemistry class or even an afternoon hangout with the girls—you're bleary-eyed, stuck in mind fog and, tbh, all-around exhausted. Sound familiar? You might be stuck in a tiredness funk that even the sunshine (or your extra-large Dunkin' order) can't snap you out of...but DW, we're here to help. 

Enter matcha, the good-for-you energy boost we can't get enough of this season. "It's so tasty—and gives me a much more even and lasting energy boost than other caffeinated drinks," confesses Olivia S.

Emily D. agrees: "It's a more subtle effect and I don't feel as jittery as I do from coffee," she explains. "I love mixing it with coconut milk and drinking hot or cold." 

Try it in tea (we heart Pukka's Supreme Matcha Green), make a magical latté or even go for a matcha-infused recipe (you can't go wrong with pie). Keep reading for the provable benefits of this delish green drink, as told by Pukka's herbal educator Lindsay Kluge...

Girls' Life: So why is matcha so good for you?

Lindsay Kluge: Matcha is a unique form of bright green tea that supports metabolism and energy. It's a natural antioxidant, which is brilliant in helping support the body from stressors, and has also been shown to enhance memory and concentration. Enjoying matcha daily has been shown to reduce stress and increase alertness with only a fraction of the caffeine as coffee (so no jitters).

GL: Why is matcha a good caffeinated choice for summer?

LK: Matcha is much lower in caffeine than traditional coffee or supplemental energy boosters. This is a good thing! We don't always need a big hit of caffeine to feel an awakening effect. Second, what makes matcha so special is that along with the small amount of natural caffeine, it contains an amino acid called L-theanine which is known to balance the stimulating effects of caffeine and has stress- and anxiety-reducing properties. It really is the perfect pairing of mental pick-me-up and stress-supporting ally. Plus, in summertime we don't always want a hot beverage, and Supreme Matcha Green is so yummy as a chilled herbal tea!

GL: What other healthy habits should we try out this season?

LK: Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Half your body weight in ounces daily is a good rule of thumb. Enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables available right now. Berries and greens are especially vibrant this time of year and *so* good for every part of your body. Do your best to try to eat at least five colors of fruits and veggies every day. Lastly, make sure to get outside and enjoy the nature around you. Spending time outdoors really supports our mental health and encourages creativity and imagination.

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by Katherine Hammer | 6/2/2021