3 perfect pairs of shorts for your spring workouts

Shorts can certainly be the hardest part of your work out ensemble to master. Long or short? Cotton or spandex? And is there a pair on earth that won’t constantly be riding up? We’ve rounded up a few rockin’ pairs to keep you cool during your fierce sweat sashes.

This red-hot pair is totally breathable. They are just short enough to keep you cool (not to mention show off your rockin’ legs!) on a run but aren’t so short they’ll be riding up the whole time. Did we mention they come in a ton of color combos? Perfection.


Women’s UA Escape Shorts, $30,

Whether you heart the gym or are constantly practicing yoga, a pair of longer shorts is your best bet (that way, you won’t have to worry about showing too much skin during ab work).

Athletic Stretch Shorts, $13,

We love layering spandex shorties under cotton shorts for a bit of extra coverage Nike’s Pro line ensures sweat won’t stay on your skin. You’ll keep cool and look ah-dorable.

Nike Pro Combat Women’s Training Short, $18,
Shorts from the newsletter available here.


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016