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Boxing is one of those workouts that’s so fun, you forget you’re working out. It can help you improve your balance and coordination, fix your posture, and strengthen your core and upper body. But before you book it to your local boxing gym, you’ll want to brush up on the basics. The first thing to master is form—aka your stance, posture, and footwork while throwing or dodging punches. Luckily, YouTube has plenty of easy at-home boxing workout vids that break down form for beginners. Scroll on for our fave picks that will get your form *on point*.

Footwork for Beginners


If you’ve ever watched a boxing match, you probably noticed how effortlessly boxers bob and weave their way around the ring. The secret is in their footwork, which allows them to stay upright and stable while fielding punches. In the Youtube vid above, Olympic-level boxing coach Cary Williams demonstrates how to position your shoulders and where to point your toes, as well as how far apart your feet should be. Her teaching method involves referring to the clock for directions, making it super-easy to memorize. At under five minutes, you’ll be able to work through the vid at your own pace and revisit it whenever you need a reminder.

Basics of Boxing


Olympic medalist Tony Jeffries breaks down boxing for total newbies, with expert advice sprinkled in to help you start off strong in the sport. Some of the techniques his tutorial breaks down include different stances (like Orthodox vs. Southpaw), the proper way to angle your shoulders for maximum punch strength, and how to control your movement as you travel around. This vid is just one of many from the boxing pro, so you can expand your knowledge as your skill set grows.

Learning to Box


Once you’ve got a handle on basic techniques, it’s time to put them into practice. This informative tutorial/workout from the Tone It Up YouTube channel preps you for going to an actual boxing gym. From how and why to wrap your hands to what kinds of exercises you can do to build your boxing ability, there’s a wealth of information for beginner and regular boxers to learn from. You can also practice different punch combos that will tone your arms and core. Plus, the Tone It Up team learns alongside you, making for a more relatable vid than most. 

Shay Mitchell’s Routine


That’s right—Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell swears by boxing to keep herself feeling fit and fab. The actress has posted several videos to her YouTube channel featuring the boxing workouts she does with celeb personal trainer Cynthia Czarnecki. Less a tutorial and more a workout guide, this vid will help you demonstrate what you’ve learned, burn cals, and have a good time. Shay also shares where she got her super-cute workout ‘fit at the start of the vid for an extra dose of inspo.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/19/2021