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You asked, we answered: How do I handle down-there hair?


You asked: I feel really embarrassed by my pubic hair. I always see women on TV and they don’t look like they have anyI feel like I am all alone. What should I do?

We answered: Girl, you are not alone because literally everyone has pubic hair! Popular culture wants us to believe that no one has hair so that we buy into all of the hair removal solutions that advertisers promote. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with having hair or being hairy. Figuring out what you want to do with your pubic hair can be frustrating because no one likes to talk about it. Believe it or not there are several ways you can “wear” your pubic hair. You can keep it long, trim it, take it all off or remove just some of it.

Pubic hair is very normal and it actually serves a very important purpose…to protect your vagina. Pubic hair shields the sensitive skin down there, absorbs sweat and moisture and helps you stay clean by keeping unwanted bacteria away. It's your choice on what you want to do with your pubic hairbut don't let anyone make you feel as if keeping it isn’t normal. Or that removing it is a big deal. Not a big fan of hair but don’t want to risk taking it all off? Try trimming your pubic hair short so it can serve it’s purpose, all the while making you feel more comfortable rocking a suit on vacay. 

How do you deal with your down-there hair? Let us know below! 

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by Emily Lauren Dick | 11/9/2018
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