7 all-natural ways to sleep better

Can't fall asleep at night? We've all been there. Those restless nights are tough, especially since getting a good night's sleep is crucial to both physical and mental health. If you struggle with winding down, check out these 7 ways to guarantee a better night's rest.



Making your bedroom a sleep-friendly environment is a fundamental step—so train your body to understand that your bed equals sleep. The ideal room temp for sleeping is on the cooler side (around 65-75 degrees Farenheit). To make your bed more comfy, purchase high quality sheets, pillows and blankets to tranform it into a place where you feel comfortable. As always, try to make your bed each morning and prioritize decluttering your space when you have the time.



We know it's hard, but try your best to avoid bright lights before you go to bed. Dim any overhead lights and try to avoid your TV, phone and computer at least one hour prior to sleeping. If you really can't resist, utilize the night mode feature on your device, lower the brightness and use some blue light glasses. In your room, aim for warm tones to promote zzz's (we like this night light with a red hue).



When you go to bed, you should be in a worry-free headspace. Thinking about stressors while laying in bed can keep you up at night, so try writing your worries down beforehand to get *everything* off your mind. You can also find guided sleep meditations, sleep songs or calming background noises on YouTube to relax your mind.



We *love* aromatherapy to give the room a soothing scent. Diffuse essential oils such as lavender or chamomile to srsly set the sleepy mood. Alternatively, invest in a pillow aromatherapy spray. 



During the daytime, aim to exercise regularly. If you engage in physical activity throughout the day, your body should feel more tired by the time you go to bed. And although movement can help, be sure to not exercise too late in the day. Intense physical activity close to bedtime might leave you feeling awake and alert when you want to be winding down.



At night, ditch stimulants like coffee, soda and energy drinks. Instead, swap them for decaffeinated teas, milk, cherry juice or a banana smoothie with almond butter—all which improve your quality of sleep. In terms of food cravings, try your best to steer clear from late night snacks. 



Lastly, consider taking a pre-sleep bath or shower. The steam will relax your body, improve circulation and tell your systems that it's time to unwind. We suggest skipping the cold water, which can wake you up instead.

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by Madison Yee | 9/11/2022