4 ways to glow up your sleep routine

Good sleep is srsly underrated. Consistent, quality rest has a big impact on your mood, health and, well, pretty much every aspect of your life. But there are so many things that can throw off your sleep schedule, such as staying up late to binge TSITP or an all-nighter with your girls. Establishing a healthy sleep routine can help you rack up the zzz's. That's why we found four ways to improve your sleep, so you can take on the world all summer long. 

1. Relax with essential oils

Saje Natural Wellness Restful Sleep Roll On, $32

Essential oils can help you relax, which preps your mind for sleep. Plus, there are so many great ways to integrate them into your nighttime ritual. You can diffuse them through an essential oil diffuser, spray them on your pillowcase or even put them in your bath. For a seriously relaxing scent that's designed for sleep, we're loving Saje's Restful Sleep Oil Blend. It comes in a roll-on, diffuser blend, mist, body butter (!!!) and bath soak. If this isn't the blend for you, you can also find single scents like lavender or orange. 

2. Nighttime tea latte

We all know starting the day with your fave latte can make all the difference. But what about a caffeine-free tea latte to end the night? A tea latte made of equal parts tea and milk. You can find recipes for nighttime tea lattes online, or you can try something like Clevr's Sleeptime Superlatte powder. Just add a few scoops to warm water (or milk), and you've got yourself a cozy bev packed with sleep-loving ingredients. 

3. Wearables Sleep patches


Wearables Sleep patches are made with a blend of herbs and natural ingredients, such as melatonin and L-theanine, to support your body in falling and staying asleep. These super cute (love the moon shape!) and easy-to-apply patches can be worn for up to 12 hours. Plus, they're wayyy more fun than a regular vitamin.

As always, before taking any type of supplement or vitamin, please ask your doctor to make sure it's safe for you.

4. Sound machine

This recommendation is for all the light-sleeper girlies. There's nothing like a noisy environment to keep you awake. A sound machine plays soothing sounds, like rain or ocean waves. These enjoyable noises are not only relaxing but can help block out pesky noises. There are different sound machines at all different price ranges, but we're crushing on the Hatch Restore

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by Samantha Bothwell | 7/24/2023