Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I told my crush how I feel and now he's ignoring me"

Dear Carol, 
What do I do if a boy I like is ignoring me after I sent him a message telling him my feelings? It was a stupid thing to do—and I think I only did it because quarantine is so lonely. I’ve tried to apologize, but he won’t respond.


Dear Carol, 

Hey, you paid a boy the compliment of liking him, and he felt bashful or conflicted or didn’t want to jump in. No big deal. Happens all the time. Now just let it go and press reset. No further explanations necessary and next time you reach out to him, make it about school or something innocuous. I have guy friends I once liked, and guy friends who once liked me. Not a problem, so hang in there.

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by GL | 4/12/2021