10 creative ways to bond with your fam while you’re at home

When times get hard and everything feels uncertain, the things that are important become *so* clear. Making sure you and your family stay healthy and safe is always top priority, but we bet you also want to have FUN. Use this time to embrace the people who make staying at home feel more like a gift than a burden — here are ten ways you can start: 

Update your family albums 


On a lazy Sunday, go to your basement and pull out that huge box of loose family photos. You and your fam can laugh at embarrassing baby pics while you get to work with all the scrapbooking essentials. 

Have a chocolatey bake-off without a recipe


You've already binged all the baking shows on the Food Network, so now it's your turn to prove to your sibs just how much you deserve to win MasterChef Junior. No recipe, no measuring cup and no rules. Have one family member sit out the competition to serve as judge!

Plan an indoor camping trip 


It's still chilly in many parts of the country, but a "camp-in" can be just as fun as a camp-out. Lay out some sleeping bags in the living room, play woodland noises off your phone, use the stove as your mini campfire and get your s'more ready. Your dad will be so impressed by your ability to survive in the "wilderness."

Do blind-folded makeovers 


You're sure to score some major laughs and an unforgettable photo-op with this one. (Be sure to have a safe word so someone doesn't end up getting poked in the eye.) Who knows? You might even get inspo for a new eyeshadow look out of the whole experience. 

Surprise everyone with breakfast


After a late night of Monopoly and Clue, be the early bird and surprise everyone with a bowl of their fave cereal. If you're feeling extra generous, you can even make a stack of pancakes and bring them to your fam while they're still in bed. 

Reenact Disney’s best family films 


Make some truly cinematic TikToks with your brother, reenacting the most nostalgia-inducing Disney movies. We think you'd both do killer Woody and Jessie impersonations. After dinner you guys can turn on Disney+ to see the real thing!

Ask your parents about their teens years 


Need some advice during this very unpredictable time? Ask your parents how they entertained themselves when they were teens. Call to check up on your grandparents and ask them to tell you their craziest stories. They're probably just as addicting as 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. 

Read everyone else’s favorite book


If you're interested in dipping your toe into other literary genres, ask everyone in your home about their go-to reads and try them out. This way you know you'll be reading something that already has a trustworthy stamp of approval. 

Share the music of your generation 


While you're in the car for a grocery run, take control of the aux cord and show your parents some lyrical gold they might not have heard on the radio. On the way back, let them introduce you to the tunes of their childhood. We think both parties will be pleased. 

Do group yoga 


For the days everyone's muscles feel stiff from extra couch-potatoing, spend the afternoon together trying some yoga poses. Look up a beginner's video on YouTube if you don't know where to start. 

What's your favorite family tradition? Let us know down below!


by Cassandra R Lopez | 3/30/2020