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Which summer job should you have?


Summer is just around the corner so your parents might have started bugging you to find a summer job. But you had a hectic school year. Working at keeping those A’s on your report card isn’t always easy and summer is your only time to catch up on total relaxation and pool parties with your BFFs. How could they think you should actually work more? #AmIRight?

But don't let your FOMO scare you away from a part-time gig just yet—remember there are definitely perks to finding a position for a few, short months. Initially, the extra cash seems like the only exciting part. How could you go wrong with a couple hundred bucks tucked away? But there is more to a summer job than what meets the eye and the pockets like learning responsiblity, getting real world experience and meeting new people. Browse our top picks below to find which is right for y-o-u.

Lifeguarding is rewarding, fun and higher paid than other gigs. You get to take in the summer sun rays, swim during the breaks while the other kids have to get out, never wait in line at the slide and make money all at the same time. If you hope to be a lifeguard this summer, start filling out an application today. The process is a little lengthy but it’s worth it. You’re going to have to take courses in CPR, AED and swimming maneuvers to learn lifesaving techniques. 

Swimming instructor
Speaking of swim and sun, this is an awesome job to either tack on to lifeguarding for the extra hours, or to do individually. Lessons typically happen before and after a pool closes. So, if you’re not an early riser or willing to stay later, this job might not be your thing. Keep in mind that by becoming a certified swimming instructor, your pay increases as the certification does. You could potentially be making a dollar or more extra per hour in both swimming lesson classes and during your hours lifeguarding. Cha-ching!

Camp counselor
If you feel nostalgic about your old summer camp days and you’re ready to revel in them all over again, this is the job for you. Sure, it’s known that kids make some of their best friends at summer camp and sometimes discover their long, lost twin sister. But the experience is also unforgettable for the counselors as well. Most of your job will be based outside participating in awesome activities (think: hanging around at the lake, visiting the local zoo and relishing in your old kick ball days).

Nanny or babysitter
Being a nanny is much like being a big cousin. You get to know the little ones and their mom is probably going to feed you like an aunt would, but you get paid for it. The plus side to this position is that you can choose your pay. How many kids there are, what your duties include and how experienced you are should determine your hourly rate. Don’t get too greedy when discussing pay, though. You don’t want them to pass you up for someone else.

Dog walker
If you love dogs, speak to them on a personal level and really, consider them your most adored friends, this is the job you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, it won't even really feel like work. You can choose your rate and you get to goof off with doggies all day. If there's a job you come home happier from, we can't think of it! Take the babies to the park or around the block to get your exercise in while they’re getting theirs in, too.

Ice cream scooper
Okay, so, the title isn’t super attractive but on top of making hourly wage, working in an ice cream shop guarantees you tips and free ice cream. Could this be the competition to dog walking? Yes! It's the perfect job to beat the heat. You’ll be inside, chilled and stuffed with hand-scooped deliciousness. Plus, you get to eat the broken cones. Don’t forget to dip them in melted chocolate first.

Whatever position you choose to hold this summer, remember to embrace it while you can and save, save, save. You’re building your resume at such a young age and there is nothing but benefits to come from that. 

What part-time job are you going to have this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 3/29/2017
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