"I lost my homework—no, really!" Secrets to feeling less scattered this fall

October isn't just the beginning of spooky season—it's also the commencement of #procrastinationnation. Between midterm exams, piles of homework, that extra credit assignment you *promised* you'd get to (oh, and all the fall fun of Halloween, homecoming and Friday night football games), it's easy for your organizational habits to start to crumble. 

That perfect plan you put together before school started? Yeah, maybe it's not working. Don't worry—we're here to help you reset and restart your engine for the second half of the semester. Because with these three studious strategies, you can channel the boss babe power within you—and remember that it's *never* too late to get oh-so-organized.

Get a planner.

Yes, a *real* planner. Not the Notes app on your phone or a series of random alarms saying "STUDY FOR MATH!" While technology can be amazing for keeping things on track, it can also make assignments feel abstract (oh, sure, that English essay is due in three weeks, but that feels like forever from now...). 

There are powerful psychological benefits when it comes to writing things down—from clearing your head to gaining perspective. With an adorbs planner tucked in your backpack, turn "I can never get it done" into "No worries—I got this." 

Carve out "organizing time."

Everyone says organization is important, but they never mention how much time it takes. From field hockey practice to debate club, you live a busy life—so how exactly are you finding time to clean out your backpack and catch up on old assignments?

The key is to create time in your schedule. Wake up half an hour earlier and devote that time to your planner, your calendar, your room and anything you're bringing to school. Worried about losing extra sleep? Don't fear: it's going to pay off on the other end when you put your head on the pillow in the p.m. and can drift off to sleep easily because you're not stressed. 

Create a fab study space.

Cluttered desk=Cluttered mind. It's basically impossible to get major assignments done when you don't even know *where* to work. Whether it's a space in your bedroom, your kitchen table or in the living room, it's time to give your study nook a much-needed makeover.

First things first: Clear away everything. Find a space for those Post-It notes, pens and Sharpies (an adorbs mug and tray can hold *all* your essentials) and make sure you have empty areas of your workspace to help you feel calm and boost creativity. Add any motivational quotes, important calendar dates or photos with friends to keep you inspired, and get to work! 

How do you plan to get organized this year? Comment below! 


by Katherine Hammer | 10/14/2019