You need these back-to-school supplies to handle hybrid learning

Back to school is just around the corner, and if we're being honest, no one's *totally* sure what it's going to look like. Maybe your school is going back to in-person classes, or maybe it's all virtual. More likely than not, it's a little bit of both. Since school looks different this year, so will back-to-school shopping, so here's a list of all the supplies you need to rock hybrid learning.

1. Planner

Image: @nancylee_planning

It's hard to know what month it is, never mind what day of the week and what meetings you have. A 2020-2021 school planner is a necessity this school year to keep your schedule on track and your mind organized.

2. Headphones with microphone

Right now, the life runs on video chattting. Likely, the days of Zoom are not yet behind you, even if your smaller class meetings are in person. Prepare to share workspaces with your parents and siblings at home. Having headphones with a built-in microphone will make you ready for class participation from anywhere.

3. Printer

Even if you're submitting over email this year, you'll still want some physical papers and homework problems for your records. Snag a super cheap printer to ensure that you can hold your hard work in your hands at the end of the day.

4. Laptop or tablet

If your school is going online this fall, the most important thing to have will be an electronic device with a strong wifi connection. Instead of sharing the family desktop or checking a device out from the library, save to splurge on a personal laptop or tablet in order to have learning at your fingertips, at any moment. (Some can be less than $100!)

5. Giant binder

With online classes and attempts at contactless interactions, you're probably going to be having fewer handouts this year. The color coded notebooks and folders for each subject aren't likely necessary, but you'll still need something to help you organize your schoolwork— and your mind. Get one giant binder (5" and 6" ones are highly available) to hold homework and notes, and use dividers to separate your subjects.

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by Maggie Chipman | 8/14/2020