Why it’s okay to doodle during class

Feeling stressed? Doodle it out!

Virtual school can be overwhelming, stressful and what better way to destress than to decorate your notebook and take a break from the screen?

Doodling has many benefits. According to a Harvard study, doodling improves memory, increases focus and relieves stress. When we stare at a screen all day it places a lot of stress on our brains. Doodling is the perfect break to give your brain the rest it needs while still focusing in class.

You're constantly learning new information. To make sense of it all, doodling can help sort your thoughts, understand new vocab and explore your creativity. Decorate your notebook with any scribbles that pop into your head! Go with the flow and "free-draw" without the guilt.

Grab your notebook  here's some of our *fave* doodling tutorials, tips and inspo to get you started. 

Turn words into doodles.

What better way to study than to draw it out?! Increase your understanding and take a brain break by doodling out topics, subjects and words. 

Start simple.

Floral doodles are an easy way to decorate your notes and get that ~aesthetic~ vibe. 

Don't think too much - let the doodles flow!

Doodling is a stress reliever. Channel your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Color code your notes, create squiggles and shapes and let the pen flow. There are *endless* ways to doodle. 

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by Allie Lijewski | 10/20/2020