These aesthetic studygrams are *all* the motivation you need rn

Have you been in a mid-semester slump lately? We've been in school forever, and summer vacay still feels ages away. Zoom classes are also making it oh-so-easy to forget about assignments. But school isn't over yet! And these aesthetic studygrams might just be the motivation you need to get off Instagram and hit the books instead.


Ara is a college student who posts the prettiest pictures of her study setup, as well as tips and tricks for staying productive. She also has a website where she posts aesthetic desktop, iPad and phone wallpapers of each month's calendar so you can *always* stay on track with your assignments.


This studygram by Jessica, another college student, gives us the coziest vibes. She loves to let her followers know what songs she listens to while studying. She even makes study playlists, and one of her latest ones was Bridgerton-inspired. 


This account mainly features the bullet journal of 14-year-old Autumn, but she also likes to post pics of her studying. She uses her bullet journal to stay uber-organized and on top of her tasks, which makes her account the ideal inspo for those of us working on not procrastinating. Autumn has *amaze* art and organization skills, and sometimes she'll even post bullet journal planning videos on her YouTube channel.


If you need inspo for your notes, @emilystudying is the studygram for you. Her rainbow notes are sure to brighten up your feed (not to mention her handwriting is out of this world!). Emily also posts notetaking tips and ideas, like different aesthetic highlighter color schemes and how to avoid highlighter smudges. 


Okay, while @inkedpages.teacups is more of a bookstagram than a studygram, the account's dark academia vibes are *everything.* Just looking at the feed makes you feel like you're studying in an old, haunted library. You almost want to pick up that book for English class and start reading. 


While most studygrams consist of aesthetic pictures and the occasional post about studying tips and tricks, almost every post from @study_latte_ teaches you something new about studying and productivity. Like Autumn, @study_latte_ also does bullet journal planning videos on her YouTube channel.

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by Erin Jeon | 4/12/2021