Confuzzled? Profile FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions…
What you really want to know!

How do I access my profile?
Just click on “My Profile” in the top right-hand corner of!

How do I create my profile?
Simply fill in your answers next to each question! When you’re finished, click on “Save" and voila! You’re finished!

Do I have to answer every question or give you my info?

Nopers! Answer only the questions that you want, and provide only the info that you want to share. It’s up to you, girl. Now the only question is: To dish, or not to dish?
How do I get started with a Healthy You Profile?

Login with your Username and Password on Once you’re in, click on the “My Profile” button in the top right hand corner of your screen. This takes ya straight to your GL Profile. Under Profile Visibility, check the li’l box that says "I Want a Healthy You Profile." Can’t find it? It’s at the very top of your profile page. Got that squared away? Scroll down till you see the title Healthy You Profile. Then get to fillin’ it out!
Already logged in? Just click HERE!

How do I get to my Healthy You journal?

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see an apple icon. Click on it and voila! You can keep track of all your healthy progress here.
OK! So, I found my Healthy You journal...How do I update it and show the other GL girlies what I’ve been up to?

Once you click on the apple icon, you’ll arrive to a page with a snazzy calendar. Under the calendar is a section where you can type in what kinda healthy stuff you did that day--how long you did it for and how ya felt. Hit save and come back tomorrow to jot down more!
A cool part about the calendar? You can click back and forth between days to see how far you’ve come. 

Can I keep my profile private?
Of course! What you want to share is totally up to you. Just click on the “Keep My Profile Private” box under Private Info and all your deets will be top secret.

If I change my mind, how do I make it my profile visible again?

Easy peasy. Just click again on the "Keep My Profile Private" box, so that it is unchecked, and voila! Your profile becomes visible!
I got an email saying that my profile's been moderated, but it's still not publicly visible. What gives?

For your safety, profiles automatically default to private. To make it visible for all your blog buddies, click on “My Profile” to edit your profile page. Is the little box with "Keep My Profile Private" under Profile Visibility checked? Whoops! Simply uncheck the box and hit save. Now you can share your profile with all your friends!
I’ve already made my profile publicly visible, but it still doesn’t show! Argh…

Are you under 13, girly? To ensure that our blogs are as safe and fun as possible, we need parental approval for all girls under 13. As soon as we’ve received your profile, an e-mail was sent to your parents for their approval. Once your ‘rents give us the A-Okay, you can totally share your profile with everyone.
Not sure if you’re ‘rents have given us permission? Click HERE to see the stats on your approval!  

Can I let only certain GL Girls view my profile?
We’re on it! Stay tuned.

Is my private information displayed?
No way! We keep your private info 100% safe and secure. When filling out your profile, please notice the, underneath the My Profile header. If you click on that, you’ll see what information is displayed to the public.

How do I choose my icon?
Choose an image from any free imaging website that you think represents...well, you! Your absolute fave celeb, your adorable pup or just a simple icon to represent your love for soccer, shoes or science is awesome.

Can I upload a picture of myself to be my icon?
No. For safety reasons, we can’t allow personal pics to be used as icons. Instead, get creative and find a pic that is SO totally you anyway!

I’ve found my icon. Now what?
Save the image to your desktop or a folder that you can easily access. Next, click on “ Browse” under Edit Profile. Locate your image where you previously saved it and then click on your image to open it up! Be sure that the image is a square 100 x 100 pixels wide, or it might get smushed.

I uploaded my icon, but I got a GL logo instead. What gives?
If you see the GL logo, your icon was not approved. Try again, and this time, double-check to make sure it’s not a personal pic and it’s appropriate to share with all your fellow GL babes.

Why won’t my profile show up immediately?
Hey girl, to keep all our lovely ladies bloggin’ in a safe environment, we’ve got moderators who read through each profile to check and double-check for personal info, inappropriate language and to keep our blogs friendly. Check back in a little while and your updates will be there soon. Pinky swear!

Can I submit questions to be considered for the profile section?
Absolutely! Do you think you’ve got questions that GL girls will want to answer? Shoot ‘em over by clicking "Contact Us," then "General Inquiry" or just CLICK HERE. Keep your eyes peeled!

How can I see other people’s profiles?
Have a friend on the blog that you want to get to know? Just click on their name or their icon right by their comments (it’s hyperlinked). Poof! You’ve got your besties' faves right at your fingertips!

Do I need to create a profile to stay on
Not at all. Making a profile is totally up to you, girl. No pressure!

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