Underrated "core" aesthetics to become obsessed with

There are *tons* of aesthetics that are super popular rn, but it can be boring to follow the same trends as everyone else. If you need a little help finding your aesthetic, or you need to steer clear of the overrated ones, try these "core" aesthetics to see if they are a fit for you!



Always thinking about the good old days, back when your biggest problem was which flavor juice to pack for snack time? You're *totally* into Kidcore, and the nostalgia that goes with it! Kidcore is focused on saturated and bright colors (hello primary hues!), kidlike clothes such as overalls and tall socks, friendship bracelets and your *fave* beanie baby. Snap on your silly bandz, grab a stuffed animal and crank up the tunes that transport you back to the early days to complete the kidcore experience. 



Are you the girl who has Cyndi Lauper on repeat, loves rewatching The Breakfast Club, and always chooses vinyl over Spotify? Do you gravitate towards bold prints, big hair, and *so* have an eclectic style? Signs point to you totally being into Retrocore, inspired by 80's retro vibes! Does your wall even have space for another classic 80's film poster? Grab your favorite scrunchie and your grooviest mom jeans while you dance along to beats on your Walkman because Retrocore is your aesthetic for sure.



Ever feel like you were meant to live in a *magical* fairy garden? Do you gravitate toward pastel colors and pretty florals? Do you enjoy the blurry, dreamscape type aesthetic? Look no further, Fairycore is *obviously* for you. Mellow-toned colors, flowy clothes and garden-inspired room decor are the makeup for this romantic aesthetic. Fill that open space on the walls with pastel flowers and green vines, dress in an outfit that only your 4-year-old, princess-obsessed self would approve of and stick to soft shimmers for makeup. You'll *def* get to live out your dreams of being Tinkerbell with this aesthetic.



Are you someone who is *still* obsessed with those silly cartoons from your childhood (Cartoon Network for the win!)? Do you tend to take inspo from those *fab* characters?  Lucky for you, you just found your new aesthetic! This aesthetic consists of fun and animated-like makeup, outfits inspired by your *fave* characters, and of course, binge-watching *all* the cartoons. When switching to this new aesthetic, a great way to amp up your atmosphere is to buy some cute posters and toys from cartoon shows to spice it up! Live up your dream of *officially* being a Powerpuff Girl and feel like a kid all over again.



Do you find yourself reading horoscopes every day? Do you check you and your crushes' compatibility with your zodiac signs? Are you *obsessed* with all things space? There is no doubt that Spacecore is your aesthetic. Lovers of Spacecore tend to have lots of celestial room decor, *always* stay educated on astrology and *never* turn down a fun stargazing sesh! If you're ready to take your Spacecore obsession to the *pro* level, try on some celestial jewelry, catch up on the upcoming retrogrades and be on the lookout for some new space-inspired clothing! You'll get to channel your inner extraterrestrial with this aesthetic.

Ah, choices, choices. Now that you've got all the *deets* on the coolest aesthetics, it's time to choose which one is right for you!

Which aesthetic is your *fave*? Tell us and tag @girlslifemag on social media!



by Elina Graham and Eres Croker | 11/19/2020