A pajama set for every Taylor Swift album

Taylor Swift is our music industry queen and fashion icon. You've prob taken notes on how to emulate her different style eras in your own outfits, whether it's repping your fave album or (if you were lucky enough to get tickets) planning out what to wear to the Eras Tour. You don't have to leave your Swift style to just outside your house, though. We found a pajama set for every era so that when you're at home jamming out to "Karma" in your bedroom and romanticizing your life, you can feel comfy *and* cute.


Target, $15

Taylor's self-titled debut album, Taylor Swift, was the epitome of country—from her cowboy boots to simple, flowy dresses. She was all about bright colors and florals. That's what makes this pajama set so fitting: The loose-fitting tank top and shorts in bright teal with flowers all over are def giving young Taylor in her first era. 


Replicate Taylor's iconic PJs from the "You Belong With Me" music video! Make your own Junior Jewels shirt with a white T-shirt and fabric markers. This is a super fun idea for a sleepover—you and your besties can each make one and sign each other's tees.

Shein, $14

Don't forget the pajama pants! These are similar to the ones Taylor wears in the video. This outfit will give you *all* the hopelessly in love girl-next-door feels.

Speak Now

Amazon, $25

Taylor was all about purple outfits perfect for a princess in this era. This royal purple PJ set is totally giving us Speak Now vibes with the color, style and heart on the shirt pocket. "Drop everything now," because you're absolutely going to love this enchanted look. 


Target, $25

With this pajama set, you get the stripe print that was super popular in Taylor's Red era. She was all about the black and white striped tops with red shorts, and this set is the comfy combo you need to replicate that look. You also get these super cute socks and fingerless gloves to help you take a trip back to 2012. 


Forever 21, $25

Taylor's first official pop album had her straying away from the country sound and style. These comfy light blue PJs will have you feeling so "clean" and like you'll "never go out of style." Hello, matching blue buttons *and* pockets?! Sign us up. 


boohoo, $40

Taylor totally revamped her style with the reputation album. Her style became darker and bolder, but she still had some colorful, glittery moments throughout her tour in 2017. This pajama set captures the edgier aspect of reputation including the theme of snakes ~everywhere~.


Target, $20

Lover was all about the pastels, from the Insta posts leading up to the pink and blue album cover to the outfits in the "Me!" and "The Man" music videos. Also: So. Many. Butterflies. They were everywhere in her album promo and all over her grid. Plus, the "You Need to Calm Down" music vid back tattoo of a snake transforming into butterflies? Iconic. 


Amazon, $26

Taylor's folklore era was all about the neutral colors, with the black and white filtered Insta posts, intricate gray album cover and plaid Long Pond Studios fit. We found this nightgown that's super similar to the one she wears in the "cardigan" music video. This long, flowy piece will make you want to spin around your bedroom feeling like Betty as you put it on and say it's your favorite. 


Walmart, $32

Taylor's plaid trend started in her folklore era and carried over into evermore in full force. She shied away from posting in gray so often and opted for the reddish-brown fits that are associated with this album. This plaid nightgown is totally giving us evermore album cover vibes. Add a braid and you'll have the look down. 


Amazon, $34

Midnights is the perfect album to be repping in your PJs for all your sleepless nights. We've had this album on repeat since it came out in October 2022. These pajamas covered in twinkling stars will have you achieving prime comfort and feeling "bejeweled" when you walk in the room—even if it's just your bedroom. 

How are you bringing Taylor's style into your fits? Tag us in your fave album looks on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Natalie Misyak | 4/18/2023