SPOTLIGHT Cassandra's ANTM Interview

Our girl Jessica B. got to sit down with fabulous ANTM elminee Cassandra and dish about all think model...including the super cute sky-high afro makeover and all that drama that went down in the house!cassandra1.jpg

Jessica: Hi Cassandra! We were so sad to see you go, but we loved your makeover. How was the pro treatment? Did you like the outcome or was it something that you totally weren't into?

Cassandra: Yeah that was wonderful I loved it. That afro was beautiful

We loved your style on the show. Where is your usual favorite shopping spot?

Um I love vintage. I love vintage and I love funky so everything that’s brand new I like it funky, I like it unique.

Which of the girls' makeovers do you think turn out the best? Did you absolutely love any of them?

Well I loved Whitney’s, Whitney’s was absolutely beautiful, it was long and flowy and gorgeous. And I loved Dionne’s. It was short, it really made her look modelesque, I loved it. And Natasha’s was gorgeous as well, it looked a little Egyptian on her I thought it was really pretty.

Yes we though those came out very pretty. We weren't lovin' Brittany or Jael's though. It must have been rough for them!

Those were the two I looked over at and said I wouldn’t want to be them. I didn’t really care for what they were doing to Brittany and Jael’s hair. A weave is really intense and for Caucasian hair it’s really silky and our hair is much more curly and more tight and when you braid its pulling your hair intensely it really is pulling intensely. You’re braiding into a beehive and your sewing on a net and then you sew on more hair. So when you sew more and more and more it squeezes tighter and tighter and tighter. I had a friend who went through that. He has really silky hair and he was crying, he was throwing up, I had to take it out immediately for him. He got it done at an African American shop. It’s difficult so they had every reason in the world to cry and be uncomfortable with their hair.

Those poor girls! It seemed like they had an awful experience and were crying for good reason. Did you know what was going on with the other girls during the makeover?

I didn’t know that they were crying like that until I sat down to hug them. I thought that was so sweet because I always try to be positive everywhere I go. And you can compete but you can also be nice. That’s what I did throughout the whole competition, I competed in the challenges but I was very nice on a personal level. We lived together, you can’t just be competitive all night and all day, you have to be yourself.

What did you think about the oh-so dramatic Renee and Brittany squabble? Was it pretty intense?

I was really shocked that Renee and Brittany were arguing I did not know that they were having those fights. You can be on the total opposite side of the house while the cameras filming a fight or filming an argument. You’ll hear about it through the rest of the girls, but I never heard about it! Renee had some issues with various girls there but I never heard about the Brittany and Renee issue.

What was the worst part about being on ANTM? Was there anything you wish you could have changed about the experience?

We don’t sleep. People think that we sleep a lot . We get about two hours of sleep sometimes three. Its really hard I’m used to getting ten hours of sleep. So you don’t get a lot of rest, you can’t really perform to your best abilities sometimes and you also are very irritable. We were PMSing all at the same time because we were so stressed, we were so nervous and we weren’t eating sometimes, or properly.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to any girl who wants to try a career in modeling?

I would say to try to always be optimistic, don’t compare yourself amongst yourself. Just remember that you are the standard, you are what you should be comparing yourself to. You’re an individual. There’s only one you and you have youre own unique qualities and beauty. So don’t compare yourself amongst yourself and you will be much happier.

What are your future plans? Are you going to try and continue doing the catwalk?

I am actually gonna get my AA degree? I am working with an agency that I was working with before I got on the show. I model full time in Seattle and I go to school part time.

Sounds great! We wish you the best of luck!

4/3/2007 1:01:00 AM
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