WATCH: MECH-X4 is back in September with some serious girl power!

The dream team of robo-controllers (and one technopath) is back! Ryan and co. return to MECH-X4 on Disney XD Sept. 9 with five back-to-back episodes starting at 11 a.m. ET.

Last season we saw Ryan, Spyder, Harris and Mark take down Harper and Principal Gray. In season two—which you can also watch on the Disney XD app and the Disney Channel app—the crew (including Veracity, played by the incomparable Alyssa Jirrells) battles a new kind of evil: Easy Bay City High. And, ya know, those pesky villains and monsters lurking about in the city, too.

TBH, we're most excited to see the serious girl power Alyssa brings to the screen as Veracity. No doubt, her whip-smart character is bound to set an amazing example for girls everywhere. "Veracity is multi-faceted, and has a depth and wisdom," Alyssa says. "She's intelligent, flawed, beautiful, strong, vulnerable, courageous and terrified, all at once. I hope that girls who see her in the show will feel the same way. Veracity epitomizes complexity. I love that so much."

So who exactly does Alyssa look up to?

"Emma Watson has been my hero since I was seven. She is so graceful and poised, and she has risen above every little piece of gossip and every challenge that she has been faced with. She's private, yet open and dauntless, but never controversial or arrogant. She took this amazing platform that she has had ever since she was a young girl and she used it to create an inclusive and understandable way to practice and promote gender equality. For the amount of fame and insanity she has experienced in her short lifetime, she has stayed unbelievably humble and just gets more eloquent every day." Here, here!

Watch the season two teaser below and get pumped for the premiere next month.

Are you excited for season two of MECH-X4? What is your all-time favorite show? Sound off below!

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Sergei Bachlakov


by Sydney Adamson | 8/18/2017
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