Lilly Singh guest stars on Nickelodeon's The Substitute

Honestly, this girl is hilarious

There are so many reasons we love comedian and actress Lilly Singh. She's funny, she's philanthropic and she *beyond* talented—and her latest role completely solidifies all of those things. Tonight, she's going undercover as a middle school substiture teacher in an episode of The Substitute on Nickelodeon

Peep a preview of the episode below!


Turn up the volume for a familiar jingle 🛎 New #NickSubstitute Saturday at 8pm/7c!

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In this new episode of The Substitute, Lilly Singh goes undercover at a California middle school to prank students—and things get *weird*! Using a full costume and prosthetics to hide her identity, Lilly is transformed into a completely unrecognizable substitute teacher who is ready to push her students to their limits with her bizarre behavior.

The best part, though? During the reveal at the end of the show, a $25,000 donation is made to the school. Best teacher ever? Definitely.

Catch the ep tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon.


by Sydney Adamson | 5/18/2019