EXCLUSIVE! Kheris Rogers spills *all* on her new solo single

We heart Kheris Rogers—and this fabulous star on the rise has *so* much in store this season. Besides running her amaze clothing brand Flexin' In My Complexion and starring as Bel on Brat TV's Chicken Girls, she's branching out into her own solo music career.

"I'm super excited—and nervous at the same time," Kheris spills on this major moment, which started when her single "Drop Top Thang" dropped on Nov. 19. Keep reading for *all* the deets on what's next for this star...

On "Drop Top Thang": 

Kheris: "It's giving very much LA, city girl vibes. It's me showing everyone that I'm growing up, just trying to figure things out—boys, parties, fashion—as a teenager. I'm very inspired by Rihanna. She just has that voice and that star power and can express who she is and what she's been through."

On her current fashion mood: 

Kheris: "I *love* fall colors. furry tote bags and long coats. And Air Jordan 4 [sneakers]. of course." 

On what's coming up this year: 

Kheris: "OMG, there's so much. I'm doing a lot of stuff for Flexin' In My Complexion—maybe a collab with Shawn Mendes, maybe, but super excited. Expanding my company more, investing in myself and in others. I really want to have an event for people in my community to donate backpacks and toiletries in the new year as part of my foundation." 

On how she relaxes rn:

Kheris: "I've started watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel with my mom. They're playing them back-to-back. On Netflix I watch about a million shows at a time." 

On her best advice: 

Kheris: "Never change for anyone. You are smart, you are beautiful, you are enough just the way you are." 

Listen to "Drop Top Thang" now!

Image Credit: @kherispoppin/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 11/24/2021