A nondefinitive ranking of the vault tracks from Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

The wait is over. Speak Now (Taylor's Version) is *finally* here (cue screaming)! Whether you listened to Speak Now back in 2010 or you're hearing the songs for the first time, SNTV is the perfect chance to live in one of Taylor's classic eras.

Swifties all around have been eagerly awaiting the new album's "vault tracks," aka six unreleased songs that didn't appear on the original Speak Now.

We stayed up 'til midnight to hear these songs the second they dropped. So with no further ado, here's our (nondefinitive) ranking of these six new jams from Speak Now (Taylor's Version)!

5) Castles Crumbling (Taylor's Version)

Just because we ranked this one as last doesn't mean we didn't still love it. This fourth vault track features Paramore's lead vocalist Hayley Williams and has the most gorgeous instrumental intro.

"Castles Crumbling" is one of the more pensive vault tracks, with lyrics about burning bridges and being unable to turn back from a destructive path. This stunning, serious song is a beautiful contrast to the tracks that are lighter in tone.

4) Electric Touch (Taylor's Version)

"Electric Touch" is the other vault track collab. It features Fall Out Boy, which might upset some T Swift purists who'd prefer a song that's completely hers. Nonetheless, it's a solid first crush/relationship song, with cool instrumentals to boot.

3) TIE: Timeless (Taylor's Version) and When Emma Falls in Love (Taylor's Version)

We were torn on this one since we loved both of these beautiful songs!

"Timeless" is for the hopeless romantics, with the sweetest story about looking at photos in an antique shop and imagining that you and your S.O. would have been still soulmates if you'd been born in any other time. This is maybe the happiest and most hopeful vault track. "Somehow, I know you and I would've found each other in another life"...swoon!

We also have heart eyes for "When Emma Falls in Love." Beautiful and dreamy, this is another pensive one that tells a sweet story. We're big fans of the folklore-like storyline, and "Turns out her heart fits right in the palm of his hand." What could be cuter?

2) I Can See You (Taylor's Version)

The first thing we noticed about this one was its beat! So different and so catchy. This song has major summery vibes and perfectly evokes the feeling of spotting your high school crush in the hallway between classes. Although it's a little different from the other tracks, we couldn't be more obsessed. 

1) Foolish One (Taylor's Version)

An anthem for us delusional girlies who sometimes like to dream a little too much, "Foolish One" is our favorite vault track, offering some tough love about finding your self-worth. This is another catchy one that will be stuck in your head for literal days after you listen. "Stop checking your mailbox for confessions of love that ain't never gonna come..." Now that's some advice we could all use for our self-care summer.

What's your favorite song from Speak Now (Taylor's Version)? Let us know on Instagram @girlslifemag!

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by Anne Chen and Ava Slocum | 7/7/2023