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Here's *everything* you need to know to throw a virtual birthday party during coronavirus

Got a birthday coming up in the next few weeks? Sure, you may no longer be blowing out the candles with your besties by your side or dancing the night away at your perfectly planned bash—but that doesn't mean *all* the festivities are canceled. Check out our tips to swap your sadness for *all* the good vibes...

Tip 1: Get the fam involved. 

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait to party with your parents? Bring back those nostalgic feels when you flip through your baby photos with Mom (so cute!), cook brunch with Dad or play a hilarious game of Charades with your younger sibs. You're stuck at home together, so you may as well honor your Day 1 squad (and remember how much they *heart* you). 

Tip 2: Enjoy your fave meal (and include your friends!) 

Whether you're baking Insta-worthy rainbow cupcakes or ordering in from your local pizza joint (extra pepperoni, plz), it's time to honor *you* with your top treats. Bonus: Get your friends involved by sending a delivery order to their houses (text their parents first to set up the surprise) and dig in together over FaceTime.

Tip 3: Throw a Zoom party. 

Even though your party can't happen IRL, the show must go on. Plan to celebrate on the video chat app Zoom (bc it isn't just for online school) with *all* the standard birthday fixings, from fab invites to a fun theme.

Right now, we're loving the virtual invites from Paperless Post—just because your party's online doesn't mean it shouldn't be stylish.

Need virtual theme ideas? Think anything from a color theme (pink!) to an era ('70s vibes) to a virtual beach bash (bust out those tropical prints and virgin pina coladas). Psst: Your Zoom party means you can pack the guest list and include anyone (and everyone!) you might want to get to know better, from that hilarious girl on your b-ball team to, uh, your crush. 

Tip 4: Add *all* the activities.

You don't want to spend your evening staring at a screen, so if you've invited friends to join you via FaceTime or Zoom, make sure you have an itinerary for the night. Virtual partygoers are welcoming more structured events, reports Refinery29, and your friends will be thrilled to break out of their stuck-at-home boredom with karaoke night, TikTok dance contests or friend group awards and superlatives. Get creative!

Tip 5: Write in a gratitude journal. 

We *heart* with this adorbs idea from Coop & Cami star Ruby Rose Turner. "If you're turning 13, write down 13 things that you're proud of yourself for," she recommends. It's the perfect way to reflect on the amazing things you've accomplished so far...and *everything* you have to look forward to in the future.

Tip 6: Know you're not alone.

Tonight's episode of Coop & Cami Ask the World (premiering on Disney Channel, March 27 at 8:25 p.m. EST) finds Cami Wrather's (played by Ruby Rose Turner) epic birthday celebration suddenly in danger of becoming an epic fail. But she and her crew figure out how to turn a *total* bummer into the ultimate birthday win. Tune in tonight for all the *best* birthday inspo! 

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by Katherine Hammer | 3/27/2020