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Everything you need to know about the #Hamilfilm on Disney+

Theatre gals, this one's for you. Real talk, though, one of our *fave* musicals is coming to the big screen (the TV screen, that is)! Hamilton has been a musical phenomenon for years now, and it's *finally* making the move from stage to screen. Here's everything you need to know about the #Hamilfilm:

What is it (and what is it about)? 
Hamilton is a Broadway musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's original founding fathers (in case you were wondering, yep, that's the guy on the $10 bill). The musical came to Broadway in 2015 and has been a hit ever since! It uses hip-hop and rap music to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton's life, his relationship with his wife, his fueds with his rivals, and the impact that he had on America as we know it today.

When and where can I watch it?
As if we didn't love Disney+ enough! The #Hamilfilm wasn't originally scheduled to be released until 2021, but it was announced several weeks ago that the release date would be moved up to this July. The long-anticipated film adaptation of the Broadway show will be available to stream on Disney+ on July 3. Still need a movie to watch after the Fourth of July cookout? Look no more! 

Where can I learn more about it?
We thought you'd never ask! Take a look at the official trailer and get excited; we know we are!


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by Paris Johnson | 7/3/2020