GL's 365 best tips-of-the-day ever

Have your best year yet with a li’l help from GL. We’ve pulled together our top tips of the day, from style inspiration to health and fitness boosters, to help you make your every-day life—and all those special occasions—utterly fabulous. Ready. Set. Go!


  • 1-goyou.jpg
    Go you!
    Motivate yourself by posting sticky notes with inspirational quotes or goals around your house, in your locker and in your binder. 

    Got the grumps? Smile anyway! Turning that frown upside down is the fastest way to shake your bad mood and open the door to a good day. Flash those pearly whites and soon you’ll notice others smiling back, too! 

    Feeling down? Give yourself a pep talk! Take 20 seconds to remind yourself of some of the things that make ya so awesome! You’ll feel much better! 
    Make your motto this week to nix procrastination. If something comes up, tackle it right then and there! 
    Instead of sprucing up your room with fake flowers, get a real plant. Set it up in a sunny corner and shower it with water every day. A bit of gardening is good for your soul.
    Be happy! Jot down three things that make you happy. Tuck the list into your backpack and bust it out when you’re having a bad day at school.
    Feeling a little down? Try painting your nails a vibrant color. Every time you look down it will give you a little confidence boost! 
    What's holdin' you back? Today, make a list of stuff that keeps ya from reaching your health goals. Whether it's too much time in front of the TV or a daily sugar jolt, write 'em all down. Come up with creative ways to bust through and get moving!
    Instead of rushing around from place to place, stop and admire the change of seasons. Living in the moment will help you appreciate all the beauty happening around you.
    Today, do three things that make you totally happy. It could be little (liking calling your BFF) or something bigger, like finally sitting down and scrapbooking ALL of last year. Either way, make this day all about the smiles.
    Donate the most valuable thing you have to charity—your time! Spending a couple hours at a soup kitchen or a fundraiser for the poor or the sick will help you appreciate what you have. 
    It’s time to bust that fear, girl. Today, do one small thing to work toward getting over something that scares you. Don’t like to talk in front of people? Practice reciting a quick poem in front of the mirror. Too nervous to try out for varsity basketball?
    Shoot some hoops to up your skills. 
    For just a few minutes today, forget about anything you might want. From the iPhone you’ve been dying for and that cute pair of boots you’ve been eyeing. Now think about all the things you do have, like an awesome group of friends or your good health. Pushing away that feeling of always wanting something makes you feel pretty satisfied, right? 
    Tonight, replace a half hour TV time with a creative project. Whether you love to paint or collage or jot in your journal or play an instrument, try something that stretches your mind in an artistic way.
    Take today for today, girl! Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, or what could possibly happen tomorrow, just focus on what you’ve got goin’ on this minute.
  • 2-getoutta.jpg

    Get outta the gym

    Turn your fitness routine into a game with a deck of cards. Assign a different target area, like legs, abs, arms and butt, to each suite. Shuffle and see what you'll flip over next. 
    Lying on the floor right after school and doing plank pose for 30 seconds is great way to tone those abs and give you a boost before homework. 
    Try calf raises on the stairs to strengthen your gams. Let your heels hang off the edge and raise up on tip-toe, then lower back down. Aim for 30 reps!
    Try some wall pushups. Stand two feet from the wall, lean with your hands on the wall, slowly push yourself back until your arms are fully extended before returning to your original position. 
    Start a 30-Day Challenge! Vow to pick an exercise routine and stick with it for a full 30 days. Trust us, you’ll love the emotional and physical results.
    Can’t do sit-ups without someone to hold your feet down? Find a piece of furniture you can slide your toes under to keep ‘em from poppin’ up. Then you can get better abs even when you’re solo. 
    Commercials aren’t the only time to exercise during TV shows – try doing squats during the program. You’ll still be facing forward, and the show will distract you from the fact that you’re even exercising! 
    We promise--working out just once makes you eager to do it again. Get started! 
    Lifting weights isn't just for the boys! Grab a dumbbell and try some resistance work for a totally tough workout.
    Know yourself. If push-ups are the hardest for you, get them out of the way first. If you wait 'til your workout is almost over, you might skip them. 
    We’re the first to admit it: home workouts can be tough to get into. Motivate yourself to get started by first just sitting on the floor and stretching. Then, warm up with a few easy crunches and push-ups. Soon, you’ll be pumped to start your routine.
    Next time you’re exercising, add an extra five minutes to your workout. You can do anything from adding five minutes to your jog to doing sit-ups and push-ups during those extra seconds.
    Increasing the length of your regular regime is a great way to keep your heart healthy and not get stuck in a workout rut.
  • 3-nails.jpg

    Nail it

    Paint your nails and add a little extra glam to your ring finger with stripes, sparkles or polka dots.  
    Get a pro mani to make your tips look flawless—and to encourage you not to ruin them by nibbling. 

    Want to update your mani but short on time? Swipe a glittered polish over your basic color for some extra fun in a flash.

    Hello, fresh mani. Brighten up your day by painting each nail a different pastel hue. 
    File your nails like a pro: Slide the file only from one side without going back and forth for a smoother edge and no flakes. 

    Nail biter? Rewarding yourself every bite-free week with a brand-new polish. 

    Nail polish totally pulls your look together but if it's badly chipped, it has the opposite effect. Make a point to remove it! 
    Trying to grow out your nails? Be sure to coat them with a strengthening polish at least once a week. 
    Show your cuticles the love by massaging on some olive oil. Your hands will be tons smoother. 
  • 4-eatthis.jpg
    Eat this, not that!
    Swap out that soda in your lunch with iced green tea. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants. 
    Skip the ice cream and make a chunky monkey shake. Blend 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 cup of low-fat chocolate milk with 1 cup of ice for a protein-packed pick-me-up.
    Try trading a bowl of pasta for spaghetti squash. You’ll get extra vitamins and save 179 calories per cup. 
    When baking, replace half (or more) of the oil called for in the recipe with applesauce instead for a healthier version of your fave baked goods. 

    Did you know you can make your fave mashed potatoes with cauliflower? Try the switch for a super healthy treat.

    Whole grain vs. whole wheat? Whole grain is better for you because it doesn’t go through a refining process that strips it of nutritional goodies. 
    On a Chipotle kick? Switch the white rice in your burrito for brown. It packs extra nutrients and whole grains your bod needs! 
    If there's nothing to eat but fast food, make healthy decisions about what you order. Opt for grilled chicken rather than fried. 

    Substitute cottage cheese for sour cream on your baked potato for a cheesy change. 

    Think of one way each week to make your lunch healthier. Swap milk for juice. Put cucumbers on your sandwich (instead of just lettuce). Bring a peach along, instead of fruit snacks. By the end of the month, your midday meal will be soo nutritious. 
  • 5-hothair.jpg

    Hot hair hints

    Late for school? Your hair can still be totally fab: Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the top layer of your hair until damp. Use a big barrel brush to blow your locks dry. Your hair will be full of volume in no time flat! 
    Wanna add a splash of color to your locks without permanent dye? Try using colored hair chalk on your tresses. 
    To get more volume in your tresses, hold them up or flip them over while you blow dry. 
    If you don’t have hair products on hand, a li'l lotion works just as well to tame flyaways and frizz. 

    If you dig a celeb's hairstyle, bring her photo in when you get your hair cut. The stylist will thank you for being specific with what you want. 

    If you're thinking of going for a dramatic hair color change, ask a stylist first. They'll be able to give an unbiased opinion on what will work best!
    Try to wash your hair every other day as opposed to daily. It’s important for hair to restore its natural oils. 
    Make your own sea salt spray to give your locks waves and shine. Just add sea salt, water, your fave coconut conditioner and a dab of hair gel in a spray bottle and you’re good to go! 
  • 6-school.jpg
    Don’t let school stress you out
    Can’t seem to understand the notes you took in math today? Wake up and review them again before school. Sleep helps process info you’ve learned and makes studying easier. 

    Ever get yelled at for doodling on your classwork? Doodles help boost brain activity and creativity, so just try drawing on a separate piece of paper.

    Have a huge test today? Sneak some gum to chew during class. It will help relieve stress and boost brainpower. 
    Blowing off your workout to cram might not be such a great idea: new research found that exercise improves your ability to learn. 
    Get a small basketball hoop to hang off the back of your bedroom door. Need a quick study break? Try shooting a few hoops to work on hand/eye coordination. 
    Take a five-minute study break during finals prep to paint your nails and let your brain relax for a bit before heading back to the books. 
  • 7-breakfast.jpg
    Breakfast is bestest
    Even if you’re not in the mood to eat breakfast, nosh on something small like whole-wheat toast with peanut butter to give you a boost.

    Wake up and smell the...apples? Studies show that eating an apple every morning in place of drinking coffee is more effective in waking you up. 

    Don’t fall into the trap of eating the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. Mix it up and your bod will get all the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy.
    Cinnamon is full of antioxidants. Make some cinnamon toast for breakfast to get a tasty start to your day.
    Even if you oversleep, don’t miss out on breakfast. Spread some peanut butter and honey on whole-wheat toast. It’ll keep you energized until lunch!
  • 8-hairhealth.jpg
    Hair health
    At the end of your shower, give your hair a cold-water rinse. It helps the hair shaft reflect natural light more easily so that your hair is shiny and radiant. 

    Want longer hair? Make sure to get it trimmed on a regular basis. Getting rid of those split ends actually helps your hair grow longer and stronger.

    Chill out! Try to limit the hot irons you use on your hair, because it can create frizzy, brittle strands. Let your hair dry naturally once in a while. 
    Tonight, rub some deep conditioner into your tresses.  Let it soak in while you sit back and enjoy your favorite flick, then rinse it out. Your mane will thank you! 
    Keep your hair silky-soft by using a light spray-in conditioner every time your hair gets wet--including swimming and rain. It will keep frizz down and shine up. 
    Washing your hair too often can cause damage and strip away natural oils that make it shine—try dry shampoo! 
    Did you know you should protect your hair from sun damage, too? Try hair products that give your hair lightweight volume and add a layer of SPF. 
    Always use a heat protecting spray on hair before you straighten, curl or blow dry to prevent damage. 
    Are you a curly girl? Dry your hair after washing it with a t-shirt to preserve your spirals. 
  • 9-funfood.jpg

    Have fun with food

    Hate oatmeal? Jazz up the super healthy breakfast with fruit and nuts or a drizzle of maple syrup. It's way better than the packets, which are loaded with sugar.  
    Need an after-school snack? Try some guacamole made from avocados (a super food), salsa (full of fruits and vegetables), garlic powder and a dash of lime! 
    Add a bunch of your favorite snacks to create your own trail mix. Maybe some of your favorite cereal or mini pretzels? Don't forget to include some healthy seeds like pepitas! 
    Yogurt can get pretty dull pretty fast: Add dried fruit for a new flavor you can swap in whenever you get bored! 

    Make a signature sandwich! Load it up with all kinds of veggies, lean meats and sauces. Make it as unique as possible so you can truly call it your own. Don’t forget to give it a name, too. 

  • 10-sibsfriendsfam.jpg

    We <3 friends and fam

    Use your BFF for workout fitspiration. Swap ideas,cook healthy food together, and work out together once a week. Hello, girl time! 

    Want a new friend? Be a friend! Go ahead, walk up to that new girl and ask her what’s up. 

    Do something nice for your elders today. Take out the trash, help Teach organize her classroom or take a sec to call Gram. They'll appreciate you and you'll feel good for helpin’ out.
    Next time you go to one of your friend's games, make signs for her to show your support. She'll totally appreciate your spirit! 
    Feeling stressed? Chances are that it could be because of those around you.  Stress can be contagious, so force a smile until you feel better and let the chain keep going!
    Make a call instead of a text. Typing has been proven to be a leading cause for arthritis, and isn’t hearing your BFF’s voice so nice?
    Need a new workout bud? Ask your mom to join you on your next jog or take a Zumba class together. It’s the perfect bonding activity - you can get healthy together while building a strong relationship! 
    This weekend, take some time to hang out with your siblings or cousins. Try a group game of Wiffle ball, kickball or  stay inside and play Taboo.

    Help your ‘rents out without being asked today. Set the dinner table or wash the dishes. Hey, it might score you some brownie points!

    Get some friends together and have a game day. Play your old-school favorites, like red rover, tag and capture the flag.
    Skip the TV tonight. Why not play a good old board game with your sibs, instead? 
    Don’t sit there bein’ jealous of your awesomely fit bro or bestie – ask ‘em for some workout tips! They’ll probably be happy to share their exercise wisdom.
  • 11-pony.jpg

    Beyond the classic pony

    Tired of flat irons and curling irons? Try a chic topknot. Not only will they protect your hair from damage, they’re also a great way to save time in the a.m.! 
    Instead of a headband, roll up a bright bandana and tie it around your head. Retro-cute!

    For a quick wavy hair look, comb in mousse after a shower, scrunch and blow dry on low. 

    Glam up that same old ponytail with a new barrette or headband for a fast and fresh new 'do. 
    Wrapping your hair around the barrel of a curling iron instead of clamping it can create gorge loose waves - you'll look like you just got back from the beach!

    Try parting your hair down the middle or off to the side to change the appearance of your face. If you have bangs, move ’em to the other side and see if your friends notice a difference! 

    You can never go wrong with a pretty bow. Use a ribbon to dress up a plain pony. 
    Use neon-colored bobby pins to spice up a boring hair day. 
    Sometimes all an outfit requires is a perfect pony. Try one high on your head for a posh look, or at the nape of your neck to go more low-key.
    Quit hiding behind your hair! Be bold and pull all of your hair up into a high bun. Don't be afraid to let your pretty face shine.
    Struggling to figure out how to wear your hair today? Twist and pin back a few strands on one side. Adorable! 
    Wake up with waves! Shower the night before, brush your hair, then tie it up in a tight bun before bed. In the a.m., you'll have the effortless waves you've been dreaming of! 

    For great volume, keep your hair in a high bun for an hour, then let it down before you go out. 

  • 12-inhale.jpg
    Inhale, exhale

    In a stressful sitch, take a moment to breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

    Need to de-stress? Take a timeout with a pet. Spending time with animals is a great mood-booster and your furry friend will appreciate the attention, too. 
    If you’re frustrated about something, write it out in a journal.
    Skip the headphones during your next workout—it’ll let you focus more on what’s going through your mind.
    Got extra time? Try to meditate for 5 minutes. Clear your head by acknowledging your thoughts and being mindful.

    De-stress daily with yoga. It’s a great way to relax and get a workout in at the same time.

    Spend 20 minutes de-cluttering your room, locker, purse or anywhere else that's gotten a little crazy. You'll feel better when you can find your school ID, cell phone, etc. later! 
    Make a stress-less box. Every time you have a worry or stress write it down on a slip of paper and drop it in the box. Once you’ve dropped it in, let it go.
    Room lookin’ like a disaster? Put on your fave playlist and spend the afternoon cleaning and organizing it. Your room will be so much more calm if everything is where it should be.
    Feelin’ a little stressed? Break out some crayons and color! Experts say that coloring is therapeutic and totally relaxing. So channel your inner child and be creative.
  • 13-braid.jpg

    Best-ever braids

    Braid your hair into small two-inch sections while still damp from the shower. Take 'em out after a few hours and spritz on hairspray for extra hold. Easy! 

    Spend some time today experimenting with a new ’do. A little braid can go a long way!

    If you are growing out your bangs, try braiding them or fishtailing them before you pin them back for an extra chic style.

    Love braids? Try a rope braid made up of two twists—our new fave style. 

    Feeling ordinary wearing your classic side braid? Switch up your look by braiding in a bright ribbon. 
    Low side braids and fishtails look effortless (and totally are!). Try rocking one this morning. 
    Embrace your hair’s natural texture.  Wear your locks in a messy braid and any fly-a-ways will just seem like part of your look! 
  • 14-beautybasics.jpg

    Beauty basics

    Fight the urge to lick dry lips, which dehydrates them even more—rub on a moisturizing balm or gloss instead.
    Turn your fave lipstick into a gloss by smashing it up and mixing with a clear gloss.
    For a quick non-messy way to apply liquid eyeliner, draw dashes along the upper lashes and then connect them. 
    Hanging on to old eyeliner and mascara can cause gross eye infections. Eek! Switch your old liner and mascara for brand new eye makeup every six months. 
    A stick of solid cocoa butter is super versatile—it works as a lip balm and allover moisturizer for dry skin.
    Make your eyes appear more awake and bright by applying a shimmery eye shadow to your inner eye. It'll instantly illuminate your peepers. 
    Woke up late? Here’s 60 second beauty: A dab of cream blush, a swipe of mascara and, of course, don’t forget the SPF.
    For pucker perfection, apply bold lip shades with a lip brush—this will help ya control the color for pro application.
    Pretty, lush lips start from the inside. Sip on eight glasses of water a day for total hydration. 
    Puffy eyes in the morning? Place some chilled tea bags over your eyes to bring down the swelling. 
    Whenever you travel with the fam, cut down on your makeup bag. Bring multitasking products, like lip and cheek stain. 

    Nix chappy lips by moisturizing with an intense hydrating balm every night before bed. 

    Still getting the hang of winged eyeliner? A dab of liquid concealer applied with a concealer brush or Q-tip will cover up any mistakes.
    Don’t forget to apply lotion before bed or after you shave to rehydrate and keep those gams extra soft. 
  • 15-milk.jpg

    Nutritious and delicious

    Wanna improve your diet? Try an avocado. This versatile fruit is delish and packed with essential vitamins, fiber and iron to keep you energized.
    Pack a protein punch after your workout—slice up a hard-boiled egg with some salt and pepper. 
    Coconut water or chocolate milk after a hard workout are great choices to help rebuild muscle. 
    Want a flat tummy? Try eating more oatmeal, broccoli, peanut butter, berries, nuts and whole grains. 
    No time after school before practice? Grab a speedy fruit smoothie from the store. The natural sugars will give you a boost of energy and fill your stomach. Our fave: Odwalla’s Mango Tango. 
    Wrap a rubber band around a cut apple to keep the slices from turning brown. Genius! 
    Upgrade your pizza: go for thin crust with veggies on top to make your slice healthier. 
    Warm up by eating spicier foods, which are satisfying and can help stimulate digestion at the same time.

    Don’t stress over calories or portions. Think of your diet in terms of fresh colors and variety and aim to stop eating when you’re full. So easy.

    Craving sugar? Grab some berries! The natural sweetness of strawberries or blueberries will help kick that craving and make you feel healthier at the same time. 
    Fat-free milk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – the best for you is actually 1 percent, since the little bit of fat it has helps your bod hold onto the vitamins you need.
  • 16-skinsecrets.jpg
    Skin secrets

    Pick a foundation that has sunscreen in it. That way, you'll knock out two birds with one stone each morning.

    If a tinted moisturizer is too sheer for blemishes and hyperpigmentation, try the new skin sensation: BB creams! 
    If you’re having trouble with an oily T-zone, bring a few blotting sheets or a pressed powder in your handbag for easy touch-ups on the go. 
    Skip the concealer and face powders and flaunt your freckles! Your clean face will feel amazing without all of those caked on layers. 
    Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week with a brush cleaner to keep them free of residue and bacteria that can lead to breakouts.
    Look for face wash with tea tree oil. It's a natural remedy that's great for clearing up blemishes. 

    When you're putting on your foundation, don't forget to blend!  You don't want your face a different color from you neck and ears. Use a makeup sponge to smooth any edges.

    Want to remove makeup in a breeze? Try dipping a cotton ball or tissue in jojoba oil and gently wiping it off. 
    Skip the caked-on foundation for a BB cream with a light coverage. 
    Make over your daily makeup routine. Nothing says natural beauty like just mascara and blush. 
    Mix in some shimmer with your regular face lotion to get a sheer, evenly spread glow.
  • 17-hydration.jpg

    Hydration station, H2O

    Sometimes, water gets boring. Try adding a little bit of lemon juice to give it a brighter taste and wake up your taste buds. 
    You’ll drink more water if you actually have a water bottle that you keep with you at all times. Buy a cute one and drink up! 
    Did you know that 85 percent of your brain is water? If you get dehydrated, it actually puts a strain on your brain and you get stressed out. 
    Drink more water— it's totally great for your skin. It will help clear up your complexion and keep your skin feeling less dry.  
    Take a few minutes to clean your water bottle today. If you’ve been toting it around for, um, ages, it can get filled with gunk (and ya def don’t wanna drink that). A little bit of white vinegar helps to clean. 

    Sometimes the water fountain at school is the last thing you want to drink from. Bring your own water bottle from home instead to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • 18-dare.jpg

    Beauty dares

    Tired of the same ol’ same ol’? Switch things up with bold blue mascara. 
    GL obsession: Noticeably nude lips! Try a soft and sheer shade of beige (fair skin), coppery khaki (medium skin) or chic cocoa (dark skin). 
    Daring enough to wear red lipstick? Keep the rest of your makeup subtle to allow your lips to make a bigger statement. 
    Goin’ out? Try swiping some eyeliner just onto your lower lids. You’ll look made up in a flash, and it’ll be a lighter look than if you did a full rim. 
    Try out colored eyeliner for a day, like blue or green, instead of classic black. The cool blue hues will bring out any eye color. 
    Trend alert: Pink lips! Mesmerize in shades of sheer powder pink (fair skin), bright strawberry (medium skin) or deep fuchsia (dark skin). 
    Try sparkly eyeshadow for a big night out this weekend: instant eye-catcher! 
    Never pair dramatic eye makeup with a dramatic lip color. Choose one or the other while making the rest of your face neutral.
    Love experimenting with eye shadows? Try buying a box palette instead of individual colors – more options and it will be way cheaper! 

    Give your makeup kit the day off today--hello, natural beauty! 

    Dragging through the week? Pop on a fresh color of lipgloss (we like fuchsia) and catch eyes as you walk those halls! 
    Glam up any party outfit with a little shimmer! Glitter eyeliner, eye shadow, blush all give off a dazzling vibe that'll score you eyes (and cuties!) from around the room. 
    Wanna switch up your style this year? Snag a new scent for a sweet change. 
    Use a bit of shimmery bronzer as eye shadow. Add a couple coats of mascara and you’re golden.
  • 19-healthychoice.jpg
    Making the healthy choice
    Even fruit juices can have hidden added sugars that make them not-so-healthy options. Opt for 100-percent juice with no sugar added. Mmm, nature at its most delicious. 

    When you go to a grocery store, skip the center. You’ll feel tempted by sweets and processed foods. The outer aisles usually have healthful foods like fresh fruit, lean protein, dairy and frozen veggies. 

    Try going meatless for breakfast, lunch and dinner two days this week. Notice how much more energy you have! 
    Make a point this month to eat less fast food. The less you have it, the less you will crave it! 
    Cut soda out of your diet once and for all.  You'll see a major difference in your mood, teeth whiteness and weight. 
    Packing your own lunch not only saves money but it also puts you directly in charge of everything you eat. Brown bag it! 
    Skip the seasonal lattes. They can sneakily pack in more cals than a serving of fries. 
    Make sure to concentrate when you're eating and to eat slowly. Don't nosh next to the TV and try to chew more! 
    Don’t avoid that sweet craving today. If you restrict yourself now, you might end up eating way too much at your next meal. 
    Overwhelmed by the portion size at restaurants? Pack up half of your meal for a yummy lunch the next day. 
    Nothing's wrong with a treat as long as it's in moderation. Don't drive yourself crazy by restricting specific foods. 
    Ask Mom to help you stock up on healthy foods. If it's not in the pantry, you won't eat it! 
    Slow down while you eat. Studies have shown that eating slower helps you to avoid overeating and improves digestion. Plus, it means you’ll enjoy your food more, so savor the taste, girlies. 
  • 20-shoe.jpg
    Shoe style
    Try painting the soles of an old pair of shoes to give ’em new life.  

    Warning: Stay away from UGGs—though they’re cute, they’re really bad for your feet!

    We love patterned rain boots to spice up an outfit! Pick up a pretty pair. 
    You might not have to put away your open-toed shoes. Try wearing them with tights or chunky socks to keep your feet warm during the winter months.
    The perfect seasonal transition piece? Combat boots. Rock ’em with cutoffs now, skinnies later!
    Brighten up a plain outfit with metallic shoes. A little bit of shine goes a long way and feels way more glam. 
    This weekend is the perfect time to practice walking in heels. Wear your wedges out at the mall to find your balance. 

    To make those cute pumps more comfy, wear shoe inserts that prevent your foot from sliding forward and putting painful pressure on your tootsies. 

    Combat boots and a pair of socks can make any girly dress and oversized sweater more tough-looking for a day at school. 
    Stock up on colorful ballet flats. They add a powerful punch of color to spice up blah outfits. Plus, they're super comfy! 
    Here's an easy update for a casual outfit: Just add wedges! They're not too formal that you'll look unbalanced, but you'll def take the hallways by storm.
  • 21-amazing.jpg
    Look (and feel) amazing
    Splurging on cute workout gear is guaranteed to get you back in the gym (or yoga studio!) Who could pass up the opportunity to wear new neon spandex?
    Make your skin look extra gorge by replacing carbs with veggies at supper this week. The extra minerals in the vegetables will give ya major glow.

    Don't hang out in your workout clothes after you hit the gym -- bacteria from your sweat can build up and give you body acne, so hit the shower and grab fresh clothes! 

    Got milk? Drinking a glass of milk a day can make your nails thicker and stronger so you won't break them as easily. 

    Take a few minutes this week to examine your beauty routine. Toss out any old makeup and make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it. Pop some facial wipes in your gym bag to ensure you’re getting rid of grime right after you exercise.

    An awesome reason to exercise: It can help clear up your skin! People who work out regularly tend not to break out as much, as physical activity helps circulate nutrients and oxygen to your skin.
    Put that workout gear to use! What's the point of having that cute sports bra or those cool sneaks if you're not using 'em?
  • 22-accessories.jpg
    All about accessories
    Is your giant purse weighing you down? Go for a cute cross-body. Not only will your hands feel free, you’ll only be carrying the necessities. 

    Dress up a boring shirt with a colorful and chunky necklace. It makes for quite the conversation starter. 

    Reinvent! Ask Mom if you could borrow some of her accessories. You can turn average outfits into showstoppers with just the right touch. 
    Try color blocking and neon in places that you would least expect it, like on shoes, headbands or bags. 
    Make a neutral outfit pop with a hyper bright neon pink, green or yellow belt. 
    Spice up your school uniform with fun accessories like headbands, high socks and cute sweaters! 
    Switching out your stud earrings for sparkly, dangly ones instantly takes an outfit from day to night. 

    Rockin' glasses? Make your peepers pop with a quick sweep of sparkly shadow. 

    Be bold and accessorize with two or three knuckle rings. Why wear just one? 
    A chunky watch looks rad and will ensure you're always on time.
    Feeling blah? Wear your sparkliest dangly earrings with your jeans-and-tee. You'll feel instantly fancy--great mood lifter!
    Wanna glam up your dress? Add a waist-cinching belt with an eye-catching buckle and be amazed at your newly defined figure.
    Go for major drama: Rock a turban-style headband for a vibe that’s way unique.

    Wearing your hair up today? Try some dangly earrings to draw attention to your pretty face. 

  • 23-stylestarter.jpg
    Crafty cute style starters

    Throw together a makeshift waist belt out of a piece of ribbon, and tie a bow. You'll look totally adorbs! 

    Scarves aren’t only for your neck. Having a bad hair day? Wrap one around your head to instantly create a cute headband! 
    Tired of your jewelry and scarves? Organize a swap with your friends, chances are they are ready for a change, too. 
    Does your outfit leave something to be desired? Pop on a patterned scarf and look chic while keeping super cozy. 
    Make an infinity scarf in a pinch by tying the ends of a scarf together. Wrap it around your neck twice and voila! 
    Need to jazz up an outfit in a unique way? Glue crystal rhinestones (get them from a local craft store) onto an old pair of tights for an embellished look. 

    Weave a scarf through your belt loops or around the handle of your purse to get double the use out of your fave accessory. 

    Add some flair to a classic LBD by adding a great necklace or neon belt around the waist. Little additions can make it look like you're wearing a whole new outfit.
    Want to add some flavor to your plain jean shorts? Try adding studs or sewing patches on the pockets to give them a cool twist! 

    Looking for material for a DIY craft project? Try your local Goodwill. Recycling an awesome dress is not only super cool, it's eco-friendly!

    Host a jewelry-making party: Grab some supplies and ask each friend to come prepared with a jewelry lesson, even if it's just friendship bracelets!
    Repurpose your jewelry! Restring an old bracelet with new beads, try stacking your rings, or wear a necklace as a bracelet or anklet. 
    Wanna make your cut-offs look more authentic? Use a piece of sandpaper to make them fray and fade faster. 
  • 24-earthgirl.jpg

    Be an Earth girl

    Long, warm showers can be really nice, but you'll be helping yourself and the environment out by cutting your shower time a little short. You’ll use less water and besides, super hot H20 dries out your skin.
    Go online and learn about the wildlife and plants in your area. Then, take a hike and see what you can spot. 
    Take it outside. Whether you’re doing reading or yoga or workin’ on a portable craft, spending some time in the sunshine is sure to give your day a boost. Don’t forget the SPF!
    Stop using those brown paper bags. Grab an eco-friendly tote and promise to pack it full of healthy eats every day.
    Do a random green act of kindness today. Pick up a piece of trash on the sidewalk or recycle your empty water bottle—the earth will thank you!
    This year, make it a goal to avoid those tanning beds and laying out at all costs. Not only are they a cause of skin cancer but they also increase your chance for wrinkles and sun spots. Instead, try a lotion that gradually gives you a glow, or a spray tan. 
    Don’t forget the SPF! UV rays travel through clouds no matter how low the temperature goes, so pick a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. 

    Wanna get close to nature? Pitch a tent in the backyard! Go on a nearby nature hike with your BFFs and then eat a healthy picnic dinner before hitting the sack under the stars.

  • 25-whattowear.jpg

    What to wear

    If you really wanna make a piece pop (say, awesome floral pumps), make sure the rest of your outfit consists of solid hues. 
    Mixing patterns can make you look totally fierce. Try pairing a plaid shirt with a cheetah-print purse for an edgy but effortless vibe. 
    Try pairing unexpected colors such as pink and green, blue and yellow; or stay tonal with turquoise and navy, crimson and tangerine. 
    Instead of worn-out sweatpants, make a maxi skirt your go-to comfy casual. 
    Always, always try on swimsuits before buying. There's nothing less flattering than a suit that falls off or is too tight. 
    Wear a button-up cardigan backwards for a cute, quirky look.
    Rework last year's party dress by throwing a blazer over top and pushing up the sleeves. Chic! 
    Layer a flannel over your favorite graphic tee. Tie it, leave it open or button it up--possibilities galore! 
    Don't forget to make sure your undergarments go with your outfit. A white bra might seem okay with a white tee, but it totally shows through! Try a nude-colored bra instead. 
    For those days that you just wanna stay in pajamas, rock some jeggings, ballet flats and an oversized sweater. Super comfy, and way more stylish than your old flannels.
    Wanna look sophisticated in a second? Pop a blazer over whatever you’re wearing for Instant polish.
    Just a little animal print goes a long way. Leopard flats, zebra scarf and spotty shirt are all super cute solo, but best kept apart.

    Try a romper! It has the femininity of a dress with the comfort of your fave cutoffs. 

    An outfit ya can't go wrong with: A white button-down, cuffed jeans and a leopard-print belt. Add flats! 
  • 26-run.jpg
    Rock the run-around
    Spice up your every-day run with intervals. Warm up for 5 minutes, and then do 10 sets of this combo: two minutes of a steady jog, one minute of a run/sprint. Do a 5 minute cool-down and ta-da! your new jazzed up workout.

    New to running? Challenge yourself to jog for an entire song from your iPod next time you hit the track. Then walk for a song for a break. Easy!

    Time to buy a new pair of running shoes. Experts recommend that you change 'em out every 6 months. 
    As you run those laps around the field or in the gym, repeat this: "I am fast. I am strong. I can do this."
    Need some quick cardio? Running up and down your stairs is awesome. 
  • 27-denim.jpg
    Denim do’s
    Don't even think of getting rid of that jean jacket! Put it back into your outfit rotation by pairing it with a floral skirt.

    Add flair to your casual jeans and boots look with printed above-the-knee socks. Let the print peek out a li’l above your boot to make a statement! 

    Make that shiny sequin shirt daywear by rocking a denim button-up over top. Leave a couple buttons undone for a flash of sparkle. 

    Dark wash bootleg jeans elongate your bod, so grab a pair and rock the long-legged look! 

    Try cuffing your pants or shirts. Rolling the bottoms of your jeans or folding up the sleeves of your shirts can give you an easy, effortless look that's perfect for school. 
    Experiment with menswear. A loose oxford and BF jeans are comfy and chic! 
    Daring to try the denim-on-denim trend? Pair a darker wash on the bottom with a lighter wash on top. 
  • 28-snack.jpg

    Snack better

    If your snack has more than eight ingredients (some of which you can't even pronounce!) drop it. Grab something you can say all of the ingredients in (um, apple?), and you’ll feel so much better.
    Heading out of town? Instead of stocking up on junk food at the 7-11, pack a cooler with nutritious snacks, like nuts and fruit or a homemade trail mix. Bring plenty of water along to avoid soda. 
    Endlessly snacking at night? Try brushing your teeth around 8 p.m., and make it your food cut-off time.

    When your tummy rumbles between meals, skip the chips and opt for soy crisps or low fat popcorn instead. They have more fiber and will fill ya up faster. Plus, less grease.

    Always hungry even after a snack? Something high in protein can help fill you up. Try celery with peanut butter topped with almonds or raisins. 
    For an after-school snack, munch on cheese, crackers and grapes. The combination is healthy and delicious! 
  • 29-funercise.jpg

    Finding it hard to keep up the motivation to exercise? Create a tip jar for yourself and add to it every time you workout.  Set a goal so you can treat yourself for all your hard work! 

    A self-defense class is a great way to de-stress, stay fit and keep safe at the same time! Look up local classes and recruit a friend or family member to join. 
    Find the gym boring? Try rollerblading! Get a group of friends to go to the park and roller blade. You can even make a game out of it: Make teams and do relay races, or play tag. 
    Don’t like working out at the gym? Head to the nearest park! Do some chin ups on the monkey bars, and make up your own weight-less workout. 
    Don’t confine your workout to the treadmill. Yoga studios, Pilates classes and even rock climbing centers offer great discounts to students.
    Kick it like a kid! Today, go back to a fave activity from when you were a tot. Maybe you were a brilliant ballerina or a savvy hopscotcher. Either way, get out there. 
    People who write out exercise goals have a greater success rate, so put up healthy motivators on your mirror, computer and other places you’ll be sure to see them. 
    If you haven’t been motivated to work out lately, treat yourself to something special when you do! It can be a manicure, sleeping in or a cute accessory.
    Feeling sluggish throughout your day? Nix a refill on your cup of caffeine and do a set of jumping jacks. Ya may feel a bit silly, but you’ll get an instant jolt of energy to keep you chugging along strong. 

    Exercise for a purpose! Tons of organizations have walks or races to help raise money for research. Find a foundation that you care about, and see if they have anything in your area. If you're feeling inspired, you could even start your own walk-a-thon for a cause you're invested in!

  • 30-jeanstee.jpg
    Skip the jeans + tee uniform
    Instead of the same old jeans again today, swap in something more colorful! A pair in indigo, crimson or lime is sure to make a major statement. 

    Got a cute summer dress you can’t bear to part with? Pair it with an over-sized denim shirt or flannel to keep up with the trends.

    Go trendy by wearing a pair of really fabulous sunglasses and keeping the rest of your clothes really basic. Think navy, gray and black. 
    Give layering a go! Try layering a dress with a pullover sweater, or tank with a jacket, or even tights and shorts. It's a cute look and gives you tonsa options. 
    Try tucking in your favorite tee and adding a cute belt. It’ll make any ol’ jeans-and-tee combo feel fresh.  

    Wear a colorful flowy dress today. Something bright always makes a gloomy day cheerier! 

    Borrow an oversized oxford shirt from your dad and pair it with tights and a cute pair of boots.
    Add a skinny belt around the waist and you’ll instantly have an adorable shirtdress. 
    Wear a pair of printed pants today to switch things up. 
    Wanna look runway ready? Wear a pair of high-waisted corduroy shorts with tights. 
    Blah day? Dress up a pair of yoga pants with a cute sweater and a scarf for a cute yet comfy look.
    Go cargo. Try switching it up with some cool cargo skinnies. It’s a great break from your go-to pair of jeans
    Pick one day this week to skip denim. Try a cute skirt or pair of cords to change up your look.
  • 31-datenight.jpg
    Date night ideas

    Get fancy with floral: Wear some cute floral heels with a LBD on a night out. 

    Don’t forget to wear perfume on your date tonight. It's an easy way to add confidence and leave a sweet first impression on your new beau. 
    Cute date tonight? Worried your heels or flats might give you blisters? Lace socks are a fab way to protect your feet. 
    Throw on a simple LBD and glam it up with a pair of bright earrings. Pull your hair up in a topknot to draw attention to your ears. 
    Rock a sparkly top for a daytime date by adding an oversized sweater and clunky jewelry to tone down the glitter. 

    For a cute femme look, add in a li'l lace. It’s perf for date night: Try a lacey dress or sweet top. 

    Next time you throw on your LBD for a fancy occasion, pair it with bright heels (like purple!) to add a pop of color. 
    Make any school outfit instantly nighttime chic with a few more accessories and a quick updo. 
    Go so-this-sec glam for date night: Pull hair into a super-duper high bun. Add magenta lipstick and gold jewelry. Done!
    Shopping for a fancy frock? Bring a pair of heels with you. Dresses can look totally different with the right (or wrong) pair of shoes.
  • 32-goodmorning.jpg

    Good morning, sunshine

    Ditch the blush and rock a natural glow. Do three sets of 20 jumping jacks right when you hop out of bed for an instant flush of beauty products required!  
    Start the day out right with your own morning dance party to your latest fave song. 
    Stretch in the morning and before bed to help you stay refreshed before/after a looong day.  
    Lay out your workout clothes Friday night. That way, you'll be motivated to get up and go on Saturday morning. 
    Start every a.m. with a cup of hot water and lemon to jumpstart your metabolism. 
    Try touching your toes as soon as you get up. You'll end up flexing all muscles a girl needs to get on her feet for class, and you'll feel great! 

    Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier. The more time you have in the morning to wake up and get yourself ready, the less drowsy you will feel once your day starts.

    Always running out the door in the morning? Take the extra millisecond to put both backpack straps on your shoulders to prevent back injuries down the line. 
  • 33-salad.jpg

    Salad savers

    Getting bored with the same old salads? Throw in some Craisins, nuts or sun-
    dried tomatoes to pump up the flavor and give your taste buds something new. 

    Try a super food salad with fresh spinach, avocados and strawberries for dinner tonight. 

    Keep your salads lightly dressed. Too much dressing on your fresh greens can hold more calories than you think and leave your salad soggy. Yuck. 
    Go green! Packed with calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins, you'll feel fresh and energized when you add some dark greens to your meals.
    If ya haven’t before, try using olive oil and vinegar as salad dressing. You can either add some spices or use a flavored vinegar for extra taste. 
    Instead of having just a plain old salad, try a taco salad with lettuce, tomato, cheese, beans and salsa.
  • 34-lovebod.jpg
    Love your bod
    Did you know that laughing actually burns calories? Just another reason to enjoy yourself today!
    Aim for at least three consecutive hours each day without a screen in front of you. It’s great for your eyes, and it’ll force you to be more active! 
    Make a point to work on your posture. Standing and sitting up straight is way better for your back and abs. Plus, it makes ya look confident.
    Feeling crippled by cramps? Sit in a bath of warm water and lavender oil and just let yourself relax. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods, too.

    Take a few secs to examine your after-school routine. Are you in the habit of flopping on the couch or noshing a meal’s-worth of snacks when you step through the door? Starting the year with good habits is key, so get in a healthy groove now.

    Stop stressing about the scale. If your doc says you’re at a healthy weight, stop worrying about it. Concentrate on doing exercises you love, finding nutritious foods you like and other things that make you happy. Why waste time with something that’s sooo not important?
  • 35-closetcues.jpg

    Closet cues

    Before you go shopping, raid your closet. Pair your clothes in new ways with pieces you already own. You'll be surprised at how much fuller your closet becomes. 
    You never know when things are going to come back in style. Dig in your closet and discover a forgotten treasure that just might be perfect for the upcoming season.
    Been trying to score one pricey item of clothing that’s still way over your budget? Check out local thrift stores for the best deals on your fave pieces.
    Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Visit fashion and street style blogs for inspiration (or make your own!). 
    Splurge on classic pieces for your wardrobe that you intend to wear often. Spend less money on trendy items that are seasonal. 
    Go through your drawers! Get rid of any tees, tanks or tops you no longer wear and donate them to your local Goodwill. 

    Take 15 minutes to go through your closet and pick out least five pieces you can give away. Hand down the duds to your li'l cousin! 

    For a whole month, try not to wear the same outfit twice. Whether it's swapping your shoes or adding more jewelry, keep it different. 
    Set aside some of the money you earn each week to go towards an item you really want. After you spend a couple months saving, figure out if you still crave it. Sometimes, those crushes fade and you don't L-O-V-E the piece as much. 
  • 36-sleep.jpg

    All about zzz’s

    Have a big game coming up? Getting a good night sleep two nights before will improve your performance. 
    Turning your phone off and shutting down your computer before going to bed make falling asleep much easier. 
    Worried about that test tomorrow? After you’ve put in a good night’s work, take a hot shower and go to bed early. Rest will help you think better in the morning. 
    If your fave TV show comes on too late, try DVRing or streaming it offline to make sure you’re getting your eight straight.
    Drinking hot chamomile tea before bed is a great way to wind down. 
    Studies have shown that counting sheep doesn't work. Instead, try taking 10 deep breaths and clearing your mind. 
    Need a mid-day nap? Anything more than 25 minutes could make you even sleepier. 
    Stop snacking three hours before bedtime to give your bod the proper time to digest the day's food--otherwise, you'll be tossing and turning all night! 
    Just can't seem to get your shut-eye at night? Make a playlist with a few chill tunes and pop in the earbuds when you hit the sack. 
    Energy drinks are full of chemicals and caffeine. Instead of relying on expensive cans of unnatural boosters, just try and get more sleep at night. You'll feel rested for longer, with no crash. 

    Want a more peaceful sleep? Crack your windows a little bit and let fresh air flow through for a less congested and healthier space. 

    It may be tempting to sleep in during a long weekend, but try waking up around the same time as you would for school so your body doesn't freak out on Monday. Oh, and don’t forget to go to sleep at the normal time, too!
  • 37-activeeveryday.jpg
    Stayin’ active every day

    Skip the escalators and elevators and head up the stairs instead for a sneaky mini leg workout.

    Not in the mood for sit-ups? Throw a dance party! Dancing is a great body-toning workout. It even counts as cardio. 
    This weekend, get your workout at the mall. Walking from store to store and trying on trends will burn cals and give you ideas for your own wardrobe. No need to even spend a dime! 
    Handy new fact: Tidying up your room can burn up to 130 calories per hour! 
    Take a break! Give your treadmill the day off.
    We've got a super easy trick for a fitter booty.  Every time you take a step, squeeze your glute muscles. To top it off, nobody will even notice you doing it! 
    Babysitting tonight? Instead of sitting the kids in front of the T.V., take them outside or to a nearby park so you all can run around and get some exercise.
    Think of your chores as exercise. You use a bunch of different muscles doing things like gardening, vacuuming and mowing the lawn. Offer to pitch in to help your parents and it’s a two for one deal. 

    Bored with that same old workout routine? Change it up today. Instead of running, ride your bike. Swap you kickboxing DVD for a pick-up soccer game with the girls.

  • 38-inspo.jpg

    Instant style inspo

    Next time you shop, try on something unexpected—you might just love it! 
    Hunt down some style tips by people-watching. Head to a busy street that has a bunch of trendy stores, grab an iced drink, and have a seat. You might get some ideas to spruce up your closet! 

    Loving that retro style? Then stop passing up all those yard sales – you never know when someone will be gettin’ rid of their old duds that are making a comeback. 

    Rip out the style section of your fave mag before your next shopping trip. The looks can inspire you to find the perfect outfit for that big bash. 

    Always drawn to neutral hues while shopping? Switch up your plain palette with a pop of red! It looks fantastic on all skin tones. 

    Channel your inner supermodel and be confident when walking the hallways. 
    Need a confidence boost for a big day? Dress up a little more than usual. Being pulled together ups your outlook. Don't forget to smile!
    Got a celeb style icon? Find a pic of your favorite celeb and her style that ya just love and bring it with you next time you go shopping. You'll have a bit of inspiration and a better understand of what to nab. No more aimless wandering around the mall.

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by GL | 2/1/2016