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Book Club! We’re talking Twilight

Hey girls! My name is Lauren Linhard and I will be the editor that helps run the first couple discussions in the Book Club. I absolutely love Twilight, basically beyond words, and can’t wait to start discussing it with you. I will provide a brief recap and a few questions and thoughts to start with, but feel free to add your own opinions and ideas. I will be checking back throughout the week to respond to you guys and keep the convo going. My posts will be marked like at the start and end, so you know it’s me:

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Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, came out in September 2007 and since then has continued to capture the interest of countless readers. Followed by New Moon, Eclipse and soon Breaking Dawn, the story of Bella and Edward has widespread appeal. As if the books haven’t been successful enough, the movie based on Twilight will be released December 12th of this year. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty psyched.

Bella’s story begins when she moves to a place called Forks, a small town in Washington about an hour from civilization. On her first day of class, she meets an inhumanly handsome boy named Edward. After he stops a moving van with his body, it quickly becomes apparent that he is, in fact, inhuman. Edward is a vampire that loves Bella, and she loves him. Their love is meant to live forever, but will his desire for blood cut it short?

Question & Answer Time!

1) What is your favorite thing about Edward Cullen?
GL Lauren: That totally sexy smirk. I don’t need to see it to know it would turn me to Jello.
2) Why do you think Bella is the only human whose thoughts Edward can’t read?
GL Lauren: Honestly, I am not sure of the reason. But beside the smell of her blood, I think this is the first thing that attracted him to her. Without this part of the plotline I think he would have denied his feelings for her a lot longer.
3) What do you think about Bella’s clumsiness?
GL Lauren: In the beginning of the book it kind of annoyed me. And then I realized I had a couple of friends who are just as clumsy (if you can believe it) and eventually it just became part of the character. Hey, if it doesn’t annoy Edward, why should it annoy me? lol
4) Bella claims to have had no love life in Phoenix, but when she gets to Forks the guys can’t leave her alone. Why do you think this is? Have you had this experience before?
GL Lauren: I had a couple of blips on the love-radar in my home town, but only once I left for college did I actually have any real developments. I think it’s something about growing up with and seeing the same guys every day. They know all of your awkward stories and you know all theirs.
5) Did you find the first time that Bella and Edward said “I love you” random? Or did you think it fit?
GL Lauren: At first I was like, that’s cute but kind of random. But then when I look back on the whole book, it made more sense. Things that come naturally between Edward and Bella aren’t really experienced in the real world. I mean, I have a couple of vampire friends, but come on. (Just kidding.)

Give me your thoughts on these 5 Qs, or add some questions of your own!

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6/8/2008 6:22:00 AM
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