A self-care idea for every day of the week

Listen up, girlie: Self-care is *not* just for Sundays anymore! Some personal TLC is important for your physical and mental health. That's why it's time to upgrade your lifestyle by incorporating at least one small self-care moment into your life each day. Not sure where to start? The ultimate self-care sched, right this way...

Monday: Meditate 

Mondays can be super chaotic, which is why you should take some time to focus on breathing. Whether you use a quick video when you first wake up or take some deep belly breaths before bed, you'll notice an instant boost in your mood after meditating. Trust us, it makes a difference! 

Tuesday: Journal 

Tuesdays can be rough. By then, your weekend zen has worn off—but Friday still seems ages away. The quick fix for feeling overwhelmed? Journaling! This is your sign to grab a journal (or even your phone) and jot down every thought that comes to mind. We recommend doing a total brain dump and doing some gratitude journaling, too.

Wednesday: Chill  

The hump day of the week, Wednesdays call for slowing things down and treating yourself to some chill time—even if that means watching an episode or two of your fave show. It can be easy to get caught up in extracurriculars and HW, but it's important to take self-care breaks. Grab your fave snack, hit play on your comfort show and chill out.

Thursday: Make yourself a treat

By Thursday, the weekend feels super close...yet it can be super common to feel burnt out and unmotivated, so now's your chance to fuel up with your comfort treat (bc tbh, baking and cooking *so* count as self-care). Whether you whip up some pancakes for breakfast or bake some cookies after school, you'll be oh-so glad you did.

Friday: Cozy up with a book 

Transporting yourself into another world after a long week? Yes, pls! Our fave Friday activity is reading a good book. From the magical world of HP to the romantic world of TSITP, the possibilities are endless. Truly—think of a better way to dive into the weekend (we'll wait)!

Saturday: Get outside 

Saturdays are for nature. Ditch the mindless TikTok scrolling and get some vitamin D and fresh air instead. Whether you grab your bike and go for a ride or gather your squad for a tennis match, you'll feel amaze after treating yourself to getting out. 

Sunday: Everything shower 

If there was one day that was perf for an everything shower, it would *so* be Sunday. Shower away the weekend with your fave soaps, scrubs and masks. You'll feel refreshed and ready for whatever the next week has in store! 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 9/24/2023