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The 10 new self-care ideas you need in your life right now

We always *heart* any excuse to channel all the feel-good energy that comes with self-care. And while face masks and journaling always perfectly capture those soothing feels, trying something new can be *so* refreshing. Read on for the ultimate self-care inspo for when you wanna kick back and take a break.

Serve up a sweet (but healthy!) snack


Get your fruit fix and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Try dipping banana slices or strawberries in chocolate sauce, or cut up some apple slices to go with caramel sauce. You can even make your own trail mix with cereal, raisins, dried fruit, mini chocolate chips and marshmallows. It'll definitely leave you craving s'more! Check out these recipes for some yummy trail mix ideas.

Make a motivational vision board


Spend some time crafting a personal Pinterest board IRL. You can print out fave quotes, fashion inspo or soothing scenes, and even pin up photos of you, your squad and your pup. Seeing your most inspiring quotes and photos will help ya take a deep breath and decompress.

Pick up a paint-by-number


Just like coloring books, paint-by-numbers are *definitely* not just for kids. Seeing your picture come to life by filling in the squares and bubbles is an amaze way to take a break, and you'll end up with a pretty picture (think: cute kitty or gorgeous flowers) that you can pop on your wall. Not your thing? Try breaking out your old watercolor set. Don't worry if it's not perfect—just do it for Y-O-U. 

Laugh out loud


Smiling (and laughing) can always boost your mood. Turn on your fave comedian, funniest TikToks or cutest baby animal YouTube videos. You'll feel so much calmer and happier after giggling and relaxing with something that makes you smile.

Capture a memory with a story playlist


Music is an amaze way to make sense of your emotions! Select a series of songs that show how you felt in a certain moment. On top of the world after you rocked that class presentaion? Add songs like "Phoenix" by Olivia Holt or "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen so you can bring back all those good vibes with the click of a button. (Psst: you can also make secret Spotify playlists if ya want your story to stay personal). For more playlist inspo, check out GL's Spotify right here.

Design your dream room


You'll feel *so* relaxed after decorating a dreamy hang in all-blue tones or imagining a cozy library with overstuffed armchairs and stacks of books. Pinterest has tons of photos for every aesthetic, and you can even collab with friends to plan your dream house.

Engage *all* your senses


Love the fuzzy feels you get when you hear a crackling fire or rain pattering on the roof? Look up some of those sounds on YouTube and leave it on in the background while you do your fave self-care activity. You can also warm up your softest blanket in the dryer and brew a mug of hot tea to hold between your hands.

Make a "good vibes" journal


It's so important to reflect on all your thoughts and experiences, good and bad. But filling a notebook with moments that made you smile is the perf pick-me-up. Write down compliments you got from friends or strangers, paste in encouraging comments from your mentors or jot down your fave jokes so they're all in one place.

Queue up all the nostalgia


Remember when you were 7 and life seemed so much simpler? Press play on your fave childhood show (Victorious or Wizards of Waverly Place, anyone?) and get ready to relax. Reading your most-loved childhood book can also help you channel all those chill and cozy vibes.

Flip through a family photo album (or your camera roll)


Remembering happy times spent going on family vacays or coffee dates with your BFFs can definitely make you feel amazing. Look through a fave fam scrapbook or check out the first few snaps in your camera roll or Snapchat. Taking a walk down memory lane and reminiscing once in a while is *so* sweet.

Check out this article for other ways to make yourself (and others) smile!

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by Ariane Faro | 3/9/2021