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Can you get out Alive?

If you have questions, you’re going to want answers. But what if no one has them? In Scott Sigler’s new novel Alive, M. Savage has no memory of her life and who she used to be. In fact, in this spine-tingling dystopian thriller, Em wakes up trapped in a coffin in a dusty, dimly-lit room and has no idea how she got there.

But Kelly's not alone. After breaking herself and those around her out of their coffins, Em is chosen to be the leader of the stranded teens—and she feels totally unqualified. But, she steps up to the plate and knows she will do anything she can to help them escape, even if it means losing some of them along the way. As she navigates the dark, winding hallways and rooms filled with rotting corpses, Em slowly puts together the scattered pieces of their past. With help from her newfound friend, Spingate, and a friendly rivalry with Bishop that pushes her to go further, Em tests her limits and surprises even herself.

When the twisted, endless labyrinth seems to lead nowhere, the group begins to get restless. Where are the adults? What are these strange markings on our foreheads? Will we ever get out of here? As they journey on, the teens face the unknown and fight for their lives in ways they never could have imagined.

Can Em help the others escape before time runs out? Is there even a way out? Will they ever learn the truth about who stuck them in the coffins and why? Find out in Alive by Scott Sigler, in stores July 14th. Check out the book trailer below and grab your own copy here when it comes out on July 14th.

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by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016
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