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These *amaze* books rewrite your favorite Disney movies

Is there any better way to spend a crisp fall afternon than sipping warm apple cider and curling up with a fabulous book?

Our current cozy-up read? The A Twisted Tale series. These books rewrite your favorite Disney stories with brand-new plotlines, character switch-ups and the answers to *all* the most pressing what-if questions. What if Ariel had never defeated Ursula? What if Mulan had to travel to the underworld? And, in their latest installment: What if Anna and Elsa never knew each other

Conceal, Don't Feel is the newest A Twisted Tale novel—diving deep into the minds of Frozen's Anna and Elsa as well as the icy world of Arendelle. Bonus: the book comes just in time to get excited for the movie event of the season, Frozen 2 (we are counting down the days to Nov. 22)! 

So go find your snuggliest blanket, light a cinnamon-scented candle and keep reading to learn all about the A Twisted Tale series...

A Whole New World

The story of Aladdin will have a whole new meaning after reading this Twisted Tale, which explores a society living in fear of its ruler, and the heroic duo—Aladdin and Jasmine—poised to save them all. 

As Old as Time

You know the story of Beauty and the Beast, but did you ever consider the backstory of Belle's mother? This fantasy is full of riveting twists and turns as Belle discovers a world of family secrets that will change her course forever.

Mirror, Mirror

In the classic tale, it's Snow White who is poisoned by the Evil Queen. But, in this magical plot, it's the prince who needs saving—and Snow White is the only one ready to take on the harrowing journey.

Once Upon a Dream

It's usually the prince's kiss that awakens Sleeping Beauty—but not in this twisted story, as the prince's fabled kiss puts him to sleep, too. Princess Aurora must navigate the landscape of her dreams to wake up both of them.

Part of Your World

Ursula is in charge of the kingdom in this reimagined fantasy that leaves Ariel voiceless and far from Prince Eric. Can Ariel defeat Ursula, save her father and find her voice in the process?


In this incredible story, fierce and fearless Mulan must stay in disguise as she travels to the Underworld. Her quest is full of difficult decisions, especially about whether or not to reveal her true identity to those around her.

Conceal, Don't Feel

The story of Frozen had everyone falling in love with Anna and Elsa's sisterly bond. But what if Anna and Elsa were strangers?

As future Queen Elsa prepares to claim the throne of Arendelle, she can't help but feel that something is missing. Soon, she's confronted with unspeakable tragedy, impossible loneliness and broken memories of her childhood—and a girl she just might remember. That's when the real journey begins, as Elsa takes on a quest to save Arendelle, find the missing princess and find out where she truly belongs.

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by Katherine Hammer | 10/1/2019