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5 book recs if you love Gossip Girl

Hey Upper East Siders! Let's face it: Gossip Girl will *always* be one of our comfort TV shows. We just can't get enough of the drama and secrets between our fave fashionable A-listers. We were lucky to get another glimpse into one of NYC's most elite friend groups during the reboot on HBO Max. But it's been canceled after the release of season two—leaving many wondering how they will receive their dose of glitz and glam. If you love all things GG, here are five books to add to your TBR!

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

Amazon, $11

Think you know everything about GG? The show you're always rewatching was actually inspired by this YA series. And listen, there are some *major* differences between the books and the show. Just like the TV series, the book also begins when our fave It-girl, Serena van der Woodsen, returns from boarding school. It follows her rich and popular inner circle as Gossip Girl tries to reveal all their secrets. This is perfect for those who are curious about an alternative ending to their fave six-season series.

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

Amazon, $11

Imagine a dystopian version of GG and you've got The Thousandth Floor. This dazzling trilogy takes place in NYC but 100 years in the future. A luxe 1,000-story tower takes over all of Manhattan (complete with parks, schools, malls, hospitals and apartments all inside). The floor you live on in The Tower displays your ranking in society—and people are desperate to be on top. This story follows five teens from different caste systems who all have their fair share of dirty secrets and hidden vices. Their lives become interconnected through jealousy, romance and *so* much drama. You will become addicted to these Manhattan elites and their scandalous lives!

They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman

Amazon, $12

This book is for those wishing GG had a dark twist. They Wish They Were Us focuses on a murder mystery in a prestigious boarding school (think: Constance-Billard). Jill Newman looks put-together from the outside, but she's still haunted by her past. During freshman year, her best friend was murdered and the case was believed to be solved. Jill's now entering her senior year as part of an exclusive secret society, making her super popular and admired by all the other spoiled schoolkids (like Blair and Serena!). But her perfect life begins to crumble when she receives texts revealing the truth of her BFF's death. This page-turner is a quick and thrilling read.

Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton

Amazon, $11

Tiny Pretty Things is like GG meets Pretty Little Liars. This story takes place in NYC at the top-level American Ballet Company. It follows Gigi, Bette and June as they compete for the title of head ballerina. The girls aren't afraid of those who get in their way and are willing to do *anything* for what they want (it's just like Blair when she would manipulate and blackmail to become the most popular girl in the city). The cut-throat competition between the three dancers is dark, intense and does not stray away from the drama. Bonus: When you're done with the book, you can watch the show on Netflix! 

The Clique by Lisi Harrison

Target, $8

The Clique series is a YA classic. It tells the story of Claire Lyons, who just moved to a NY suburb and is attending a private all-girls middle school. It's obvious she doesn't fit in with the spoiled and obnoxious girls who are only obsessed with designer clothes and cute boys. Massie Block rules the school accompanied by her three besties and makes it clear that Claire's not fit to join the clique (remember when Jenny Humphrey tried to become one of Blair's minions?). But Claire's desperate to fit in—and figures out how to threaten Massie's spot as queen bee. This series is all about finding your place while growing up.

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by Maddy Phillips | 3/23/2023