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An original poem: "The Tears She Bleeds" by GL reader Dani

Here's a *ghostly* poem written by GL reader Dani! Let us know what you think!

They slowly lowered her body, casket and all,
into the hole, into the ground.
Her mother sobbed, her dad stood tall,
Her sister sighed, her brother felt small.
The preacher muttered some words of kindness,
The groundskeeper patiently waited with a shovel.
The ropes holding the casket grew taut all of a sudden
There was a small pat as the wood hit the floor.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
She was truly dead,
Dead at last.

This 31st of October,
They lowered her body,
And watched. Waited.
There was no movement.
The visitors slowly
Left the grave site.
Crawled snug in their beds,
And quickly fell asleep.

The left eye wrinkled,
The right eye quivered.
A small fresh red tear
Appeared on her cheek.
Her green eyes opened,
Emerald against the dark.
The corners of her mouth
Turn upward in shock.

The following day,
The town was silent.
No birds flew overhead,
No kids played in the park.
There was no traffic,
No panic,
No hectic rushing around.
A single girl
With emerald green eyes,
Dressed in her best,
Slowly moved down the street,

A single red tear on her cheek.

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by GL Reader | 10/22/2016
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