You Wrote It

Check out this original poem by a GL reader!

Hey GL girls! Hope you enjoy this touching poem written by GL reader Olivia Simmons.

I remember when
I was rather small
we would stand in a cornfield
and listen to the crows call
(I still remember)

jumping around in the rain
looking at whatever I could see
poking ladybugs with sticks
my grandma saying “let it be”
(I will remember)

splashing in the tub
bubbles stuck to my chin
“I’m a mermaid, mommy!”
and we both would grin
(I hope you still remember)

Learning to ride a bike
and how not to ride into trash cans
I did not know he let go
behind me dad still ran
(don’t we all remember)

driving to the airport
looking out the window
“alright we’re clear for takeoff”
flying through the snow
(I want to remember)

spending time with a loved one
maybe cooking or doing our hair
staying up all night to watch movies
sitting on swing sets to swing without care
(If we could just remember)

the memories of ours
never to be replaced
I want to remember
before it all fades away
(what I’d give to just…remember)

by Olivia Simmons | 4/13/2019