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"True Love," an original poem by a GL girl

A GL reader wrote this poem "True Love," and it *totally* describes what love feels like!

True love causes your head to spin
like a spinning top in a whirlpool. It
causes your mind to be clouded
with wonderful sweet thoughts of that person.

True love is wanting to spend every
moment of your life with them. The
want of forever embracing them in
your arms and miss them when they’re
not by your side.

True love is finding acceptance
to their flaws and forgiving them
when they hurt you. It’s to hold them
tighter when they get angry.

True love is the want to be by
their sides even when it’s their
darkest moments. To hold on to them
and help them even when they don’t want it.

True love is to have continual kindness.
To take the first initiative step to
show your love through kindness.
To be a listening ear when they need it
and willingness to make compromises.

True love is patient, kind, thoughtful,
unconditional, cherishes, honorable, impossible,
satisfied in god, faithful, motivation, accountable,
a covenant.

True love is not, selfish, rude, irritable, or jealous
instead you come together as one
and make compromises or work out the
problems. Do more for them then you do
for yourself. 

True love believes the best, makes good impressions,
lets the other win, fights fair, takes delight, intercedes,
promotes intimacy, seeks to understand, always protects,
forgives, encourages, makes sacrifices, brings unity,
completes each other, celebrates godliness together,
agrees in prayer, fulfills dreams.

True love is to use all the virtues
of love on them as long as possible
even when they don’t show them back.

To pray to god to help you two through
the hard times. Realize always that they are
human and make mistakes and always do actions of love.

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by GL | 6/7/2017
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