You Wrote It

I’ve been single for 21 years but I still love Valentine's Day

During my teen years, I watched my friends and other classmates receive Valentine’s Day gifts from their significant others, hoping someday that would be me. Every year I became more disappointed that I didn’t find my Prince Charming to shower me with cute heart-shaped gifts. I almost slipped into being bitter over the holiday while others showed off their *amazing* dates on social media.

Even though I never had a boyfriend to spend the day with, I always loved Valentine's Day. I enjoyed the red-and-pink-hearts aesthetic, walking down the V-day candy aisle and all the *cute* decor.

Instead of worrying about getting a boyfriend, I focused on my friendships and family, hosting Galentine's day parties with my BFFs and binge-watching the cheesiest rom-coms with my dad. I love buying Valentine's Day cards and candy for the people I care about the most.

I love Valentine’s Day because I can show appreciation to the people who truly care about me. It took me until college to truly feel comfortable celebrating the holiday without worrying about getting a date or being teased for not having a boyfriend.

Even though I’ve been single for all my 21 years of living, it doesn’t stop me from baking heart-shape cookies with friends and watching romantic movies like To All the Boys I Loved Before. Would it be nice to have bae?—yeah sure, but until then I’ll enjoy this years Valentine’s Day with my friends via Zoom.


by Chaela Williams | 2/13/2021