So your crush likes someone else. Here's what to do next

After spending *months* doodling their name in your notebook or watching relationship TikToks in hopes of seeing your initals paired with theirs, finding out that your crush likes someone else is the actual worst. 

We've all been there—and TBH, it sucks.

Despite how you might feel rn though, things might not be as bad as you think. Before jumping to conclusions, remember that you actually have *lots* of options. We know that it can feel impossible to avoid comparing yourself to other girls—it happens to the best of us. But before you let that little voice inside your head get the best of you, remember: you are an absolute *queen*, bae or no bae. 

That being said, a little TLC never hurt anyone. Here are our favorite time-tested tips to get over your crush like a pro. 

Before you give up...

We know that this seems *totally* scary, but chances are your crush has no idea how you feel if you haven't actually told them yet. We recommend having a friend ask them as a hypothetical question if asking directly feels too risky. You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take (excuse the *cringe*) so don't be afraid to put yourself out there!

Their loss, not yours

In the end, you can't control how your crush feels about you or anyone else that they might like instead. Just because they don't like you doesn't mean that you aren't an awesome, funny and beautiful person. You are! They are simply missing out—know your worth. 

Let it out

It's ok to cry. It's also ok to journal, vent to a friend or listen to music. However you like to let out your emotions, make sure to do it (as long as you aren't hurting anyone else in the process!). Before you move on, you gotta let go. 

Do some thinking

Why did you like your crush? What was your favorite thing about them? Taking mental notes on your past experiences is the *best* way to prep for the future. Want to just forget the entire situation? We feel you too. Why wallow in the past when you can dream about the future? If you take this as a learning opportunity now, you will *dominate * the game with your fresh knowledge later. 

Good vibes *only*

If you are anything like us, your natural instict is to ask at least one of the classic questions: What does she have that I don't? and Why did they pick *her* instead of me? The moment that you stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself to yourself, however, will be a *total* game changer. We recommend faking it til ya make it—in fact the happier you act, the happier you will become. The only person holding you back is you!

Focus on friends and fam 

Crushes, as you already know, can be a *lot* to handle. You can never go wrong by giving yourself a much-needed break. Hang out with your besties a little extra. Play a board game with your fam. Take your pup on a long walk. Platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones, so don't forget to give them the attention that they deserve. 

What do you do to get over a crush? Tag us @girlslifemag on Twitter to let us know!

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by Alexandra Karr | 10/12/2020