8 ways to tell your crush you like them (and how to handle *any* response)

Is there someone you just can't get out of your head? Do you think about them *all* the time? Do they *always* make you blush. If you have the *biggest* crush but have no idea how to spill the secret, GL has you covered. 

1. Be subtle

Walk by their locker and stop to chat with them. Find a seat next to them in class or linger around after class so you can casually start a conversation. Or even ask them to be partners for the next group project!

Yay— They noticed! Make another move and ask them to hang out or study after class!

Nay—You were subtle so it's not too awkward; you can still be friends. 

No response—If they aren't sending the same vibes, it might be time to move on. 


2. Find a reason to text them 

Ask them about their hobbies (like the hockey game you *know* they just played)! Text them about that group project or the local event that's coming up. Listen carefully and pick up on things they care about and you'll be sure to find a clever reason to text them. 

Yay—They responded quickly and obvs want to continue the convo. Way to go! You're all set to keep building your relationship. 

Nay—No worries! Be proud that you gave it a shot. Your message was *super* chill, so there's nothing to be embarassed about. 

No response—It's all good! Sometimes people aren't good texters or maybe they didn't see your message yet. Don't give up—try to connect with them in a different way. 

3. Be straightforward

Tell them you like them up front. Text them, call them, Facetime them, or even tell them in person. No matter what you choose, confidence is key.

Yay—Your crush might become your new boo! *Cue excited squeal.*

Nay—Be proud that you were honest and took the first step. If you feel embarrased and need a way out, respin it with, "Sorry! My friends took my phone!"

No response—Rude! If this is the case, then they aren't the one for you... or maybe they had their headphones in?


4. Social media

Use social media to show your crush you like them. If you have IG, like all of their current posts (don't be caught stalking!), be engaged with their content, and leave flirty comments. Show them you're interested!

Yay—Sounds like your heart eyes and cute comment worked! It's time to slide into their DMs.

Nay—It's okay! It's better to find out sooner rather than later. And lucky for you you can always delete that comment if it comes down to it.

No response—Some people aren't super active on social media, and some people just don't notice. Try being more straightforward. 

5. Make them a playlist

Be creative and make a playlist of their fave songs. If you *really* want to go all out, make a playlist with song titles that spell out, "I like you." This just might win them over. 

Yay—Now you can make more playlists together and jam out to your favorite tunes!

Nay—No biggy! They now have access to an incredible list of songs, so you did them a favor. If you really want to move on you can always delete the playlist or rename it.

No response—If they don't appreciate the effort, they aren't the one for you. 

6. Ask to hang out one-on-one

Send them a text and invite them to grab food, go on a study-date or simply hang out. If they agree, you're already halfway there. 

Yay—Now's your time to shine—make a move!

Nay—If they don't have the same interests then it probably wouldn't work out anyway. 

No response—They could've missed your texts so try reaching out again. If they don't answer the second time, be thankful you tried and now know the answer. 


7. Buy them a gift or offer to pay

Give them a thoughtful personal gift that shows you're listening and that you care. Or offer to buy them coffee or food when you go out together. If they offer to buy it instead, they probably feel the same way. 

Yay—We knew they'd love it! Spending those extra seconds to listen to their passions really pays off. 

Nay—I'm sure they still appreciated it. Everyone loves a thoughtful gift, so be happy that you put a smile on their face (even if it's just as friends). 

No response—If they were confused, bring it up casually next time you talk to them. Explain the real reason behind the gift so they know how much you care. 

8. Put yourself in their shoes

Think about how you would want someone else to tell you they're crushing! Don't overthink the gesture. Be confident, be kind and most of all—be honest. If you feel overwhelmed by someone getting you a gift, start off with something simple like a text or Snapchat message about something you have in common. If you're scrolling through TikTok, send them one that makes you laugh, smile or think of them.


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by Allie Lijewski and Sara Cathcart | 11/20/2020