5 gift ideas if you're not sure what to get them for Valentine's Day

V-Day is almost here, which means it's time to start thinking about a gift that's going to wow your S.O. But as fun as the idea of flowers and chocolates on Feb. 14 might seem, the occasion also forces you to take a closer look at your relationship: Are you two serious enough for gift-giving yet? Answer: Whether you've been dating for, like ever, or just started seeing your bae, there are plenty of small ways to show your crush you care. 

1. Write them a note

A Valentine classic, note-writing is a foolproof way to let your crush know you're thinking about them. Grab your fave brush pens and washi tape—it's time to get crafty.

2. Make them a playlist

Let's be real: to *really* know someone is to know their music taste. Plus, making a playlist is a thoughtful gift that shows you care about their interests. You might even find a few new faves for yourself, too! 

3. Bring them a Starbucks

Skipping the whole chocolate box and teddy bear ordeal doesn't mean you have to skip treats altogether. A sure way to brighten your bae's day is to surprise them with their fave drink from Starbucks. Extra points if you get them something pink or red—bc, you know, ~festive.~

4. Annotate one of your fave books

If your relationship is basically like Jess and Rory's from Gilmore Girls, this gift is a perfect alternative. Take a book you heart and read it again, this time with a highlighter, pen and maybe even some sticky tabs in hand. When your crush reads it, not only will they get to experience a great read, but they'll get to see your fun notes along the way.

5. Photo collage

Grab glue, fun paper and scissors...or just your phone or tablet, if you're taking the digital route. Whether you gather all the pictures of the two of you together or just random photos of their favorite things, a photo collage is a great—but low-key—way to show your bae you care about them. 

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by Riley Yates | 2/10/2022