Your ghoulish guide to creating a spooky S.O. basket

Cuffing season in the fall calls for scary movie sleepovers and one too many trips to the pumpkin patch (jk, you can never have too many of those). As you and bae fill your mornings with apple picking and spend your nights shrieking through haunted houses, your heart can have you wanting to woo your boo. If you love gift-giving, we've found the *perfect* way to celebrate your bb. Introducing the spooky S.O. basket. Yep, no hocus pocus here, just a Halloween spin on a typical Easter basket. To say the least, love at first bite (get it?) has never been easier.

Choose your boo's basket 

Pumpkin bucket or fall-themed gift bag? When it comes to deciding what your basket is actually going to be, the options are truly unlimited. If you want to have more of a surprise element, we suggest going with a traditional gift bag. If you're planning on leaving the basket in your bae's room or bringing it to your first fall date, we suggest going with an open-top container like a crate basket or a plastic trick-or-treat bucket (major photo-opp moment)!

Find a frightful filler 

This step totally isn't necessary, but any extra Halloween vibes can add to your already fa-boo-lous gift. For a subtle effect, line your basket with a lighter base like patterned tissue paper, (screaming at this pink ghost-themed paper). More of a holiday maximalist? Take this step up a notch and use a glow-in-the-dark throw blanket!

Sweet treat time

We love trick-or-treating as much as the next person, but maybe we skip the trick and stick to treats for this gift. Whether your S.O. is a chocolate lover or more of a Skittles fan, adding in candy is an easy way to sweeten this gift up. We suggest finding the mini version of the candy you choose so you can have plenty of space for other items!

Not a candy fan? No problem, any bite-sized treat will work, too ! Here are just a few alternatives:

+ Rice Krispie treats
+ Fruit snacks
+ Chex mix
+Trader Joe's fall treats (they're scary good)
+Granola bars

The monster match

Sweatshirts, $25, Pajama Set, $22, and Necklaces, $8, Amazon

From beaded bracelets to a cozy matching pajama set, your spooky basket could use a dose of twinning with bae. If you're looking to soft launch your relationship this spooky season, having matching, well, anything, is a perf way to tell the world you're taken without being super obvious about it. Accessorize and monster match with these items:

+ Fuzzy socks
+Anniversary sweatshirts
+Halloween water tattoos

The personal pick 

At the end of the day, you know your S.O. best, so trust your gut and add in all their faves! Is your S.O. an avid coffee drinker? Grab them this mummy mug for tea on chilly afternoons. Is your partner in search of the perfect fall fragrance? Throw in some fall-scented body mists (lavender vanilla is our fave)! Feel free to get creative with it—and try out some of these heart-stopping extras:

+ Candles
+ Squishmallows (this candy corn bat is ah-dorable)
+ Lip oil 
+ A facial ice roller
+ Stanley cup
+ Throw pillows

What are you putting in your spooky basket? Tag us in your pics on Insta @girlslifemag!

Top image: @brittany_everett15
Slider image: @sierralmiller
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by Annika Chaves | 10/13/2023