GIRL TALK: Shallow School Boys

All the guys at school I like, all like my BFF. When she asks them why they don't like me they all say the same thing. I'm too fat or I'm too ugly. What do I do?
-Layne R.

O.K. I just have to say that the guys at your school are way lame and way shallow. Don't worry about not having a BF. Especially if that's the crop of potential BF's you have to pick from! A guy will come along that will love you inside and out. I know it's rough when your BFF gets all the attention but ask yourself if you really want attention from boys who think like that. Just be happy, be yourself and the right boys will come to you! Good luck!

Much Love,

Drea T.
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10/20/2008 4:29:00 PM
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