Bond with your besties with this fun friendship quilt


Throwing a b-day bash or going glamping with your besties? In true Sisterhood style, craft a cheery quilt that each girl will sign with a sweet friendship memory. Post-party, pass the quilt around for a few weeks spent on each pal’s bed. 

What you’ll need:
7 yards of fabric in 6 different colors/patterns
Straight pins
Full size bedsheet (as backing)
Full size blanket (as batting)
Sewing machine
Yarn that matches the bedsheet color
Quilting needle
Fabric markers

What you’ll do:
1.    Cut nine 10” squares of each of your fabrics. 
2.    Lay out the squares in rows of 6 to form your quilt design. Ours featured one square of each fabric in each row, arranging so that no like fabrics were touching. Take a picture of your layout in case you need to reference it later.
3.    Ask Mom to help you with the sewing machine, and begin sewing each square in each row together. Then join the rows by sewing the rows together. This forms the top of your quilt.
4.    Lay quilt down on a flat surface, right side up. Lay the sheet with the right side facing the quilt. Lay blanket down on top of the sheet, and trim the blanket and sheet to fit the perimeter of the quilt, if necessary.
5.    Use the sewing machine to sew the quilt, sheet and blanket together on three sides of the perimeter, leaving the fourth side open.
6.    Place the blanket inside the quilt through the open end, feeding it into the corners so that it’s flush.
7.    Hand sew the open end of the quilt. Then, lay the quilt face up on a flat surface.
8.    Cut a piece of yarn about 7.5’ long. Thread the quilting needle with the yarn. Place a stitch through the middle of the first square on the top row, going up through the bottom and bringing it back down. (This holds the blanket in place.)
9.    Using the same thread, place another stitch through the middle of the next square in the row, moving down the length of the quilt. Repeat until you’ve placed a stitch in every square in that row.
10.    Cut the thread joining the stitches between the squares, leaving each square with two 5” strings. Tie knots between the two strings, then trim the string ends to about 1”.
11.    Repeat across all squares and all rows.  

Did you try to craft the quilt? Do you have any friendship keepsakes? Let us know below!

by GL | 5/13/2016